Yuliya Gerasymova Biography: Volleyball player, Age, Husband, Net Worth

She is in discussion with her dance video. This dance video has become very viral on Tiktok. Apart from this, this video has been viewed at least 7 million times on XSPORT’s YouTube channel. In this video a young female player is seen teasing her competitive team by dancing and her fellow players are seen laughing watching this fiery dance. Let us inform you that the female player seen in the video is a Ukrainian volleyball player.

Yuliya Gerasymova Biography
Yuliya Gerasymova Biography (Source- Instagram)

Yuliya Gerasymova Biography

The name of this young female player is Yuliya Gerasymova. This article presented by us is also based on Yuliya Gerasymova Biography. In this article, we have tried to give complete information about Yuliya Gerasymova. So if you want to get complete information about her then read the complete this biography article.

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Who is Yuliya Gerasymova?

Yuliya Gerasymova is the best Ukrainian volleyball player. She was born on 15 September 1989 in Odessa (Ukraine). Her full name is Yuliya Anatolyevna Gerasimova. Yuliya’s age is 33 years in 2022. She has come in limelight due to one of her videos. In the 20-second video, she is seen with her fellow, Ukrainian club volleyball players. She dances in the video.

She tried to challenge her rivals to the game by performing this type of dance but the fans thought it was just a simple dance. Yuliya is wearing jersey number 9 in the viral video. And her companions are seen laughing out loud at this incendiary dance. The video was made when there was a break between the Russia vs Ukraine match.

The dance video has been seen many times all over the world and it has also been liked a lot. This video of Yuliya Gerasymova has been viewed millions of times on Tiktok and YouTube While XSPORT’s YouTube channel has at least 7 million views. You can easily find the video by searching on Youtube.

Yuliya Gerasymova Facts

NameYuliya Gerasymova
Date of birth15 September, 1989, Odessa (Ukraine)
Age33 years (In 2022)
OccupationVolleyball player

Yuliya Gerasymova Family

Information about Yuliya Gerasymova’s family is not available. But it is definitely known that she is married and her husband’s name is Denis Parvadov. Denis is a coach.

Yuliya Gerasymova Physical status

Yuliya Gerasymova’s height is 1,85 m (6 feet 1 inch) and her weight is 76 kg (167 lb).

Yuliya Gerasymova Net Worth

Yuliya Gerasymova is a volleyball player, due to which her net worth will also be more. The net worth of Yuliya Gerasymova is around $1-$3 million.

Yuliya Gerasymova Images

Yuliya Gerasymova Images
Yuliya Gerasymova Images (Source- Instagram)
Yuliya Gerasymova Images
Yuliya Gerasymova Images (Source- Instagram)

Yuliya Gerasymova Social Media 

You can find Yuliya Gerasymova on social media, especially on Instagram. She is very popular on Instagram. However, let us tell you here that her Instagram account is by the name krosha9.

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Yuliya Gerasymova Wikipedia

Fans misunderstood Yuliya Gerasymova’s dance, it was meant to tease the competing team. It is not known whether Yulia was able to get what she wanted. But it is definitely known that people liked this video that went viral on Tiktok so much that in a few days this video got more than 30 million views. She is a Ukrainian baseball player and a five-time national championship winner. She is married to Denis Parvadov who is a coach. Both were married with religious rituals. 

Yuliya Gerasymova Husband

According to crazum.com, Yuliya Gerasymova’s husband’s name is Denis Parvadov. Denis and Yuliya have known each other since 2014. He is a coach. She lives quite happily with her husband. This can be understood by looking at her Instagram. Where she has shared many pictures with her husband.

Yuliya Gerasymova Background

Not much is known about Yuliya Gerasimova’s background, yet all the information we got is presented in the Yuliya Gerasimova Biography article. She is a volleyball player. She was born on 15 September 1989 in Odessa (Ukraine). Yuliya and her teammates together won the 2017 Euro League 2017. Along with this, She and her teammates also participated in three European Championships 2017, 2019, 2021. She has won the national championship five times.

Yuliya Gerasymova Career

You must have known that Yuliya Gerasymova is a five-time National Championship winner. Apart from this, she has also participated in the semi-finals of the Continental Problem Cup. Yuliya is currently working at TED Ankara College Foundation Private High School. A viral video in which Yuliya Gerasymova is seen challenging her competing team to a dance war. Apart from this, let us also inform you that whenever Yuliya gets free time, she travels in that free time. She has visited many places including Bali, Cappadocia, Paris, this can be confirmed from her Instagram herself.

FAQ About Yuliya Gerasymova

  • Who is Yulia Gerasimova?

    Yuliya Gerasymova is a Ukrainian volleyball player.

  • Who is the volleyball player TikTok?

    Yulia Gerasimova is one such volleyball player whose one dance video got the most views on Tiktok.

  • Who is this Ukrainian volleyball player?

    Yuliya Gerasymova is a Ukrainian volleyball player.

  • Who is the dancing volleyball player?

    Yuliya Gerasymova.

  • Who is the Ukrainian volleyball girl on TikTok?

    The name of the Ukrainian volleyball girl who went viral with her dance video on TikTok is Yuliya Gerasymova.

  • How old is Yulia Gerasimova

    Yuliya Gerasymova is only 32 years old.

  • Why is Yulia Gerasimova so popular?

    Yulia Gerasimova has become very famous because of a video in which she is seen teasing the opposition team.

  • Where is Yuliya Gerasymova now?

    There is no clear information about this yet. Because no source has given information about this yet.

  • How tall is Yulia Gerasimova?

    Yulia Gerasimova’s height is 1.85 cm, in other words her height is 6 feet 1 inch.

  • is yulia gerasimova married

    Yes, She is married to Denis Parvadov.

  • Where is Yuliya from?

    Yuliya Gerasymova is from Odessa (Ukraine).

  • Does Yulia Gerasimova have Instagram?

    Yes, Yulia Gerasimova is present on Instagram.

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