Best Paying Jobs in Finance

Best paying jobs in finance
Best paying jobs in finance

Best paying jobs in finance

Are you a finance graduate or postgraduate. Or are you walking towards the end of your final year and at the same time wondering what lies ahead for you? So we can be helpful in telling you what’s next for you. To be successful your first priority should be that first of all you should have prior knowledge about the career you are choosing. Some people do not take advance information about the field in which they want to make their career, which later proves to be unfavorable for them.

We have brought you the list of high paying finance jobs in this post. We hope that this post will definitely prove helpful to you.

Information Technology auditor

These information technology auditors usually work for private companies or government agencies to verify that the technology enterprise contributes to meeting IT requirements and infrastructure compliance requirements. You should be proficient in auditing because the workers working in it spend their whole day auditing for which sometimes certification is also required. Its national average salary is $63,400 annually.

Investment banker

In this, investment bankers are tasked with managing the portfolios of government agencies and businesses. These portfolios invest in many different businesses. These professionals help clients achieve their financial growth goals. Along with this, they also play an important role in getting customers to invest, raise capital. Its national average salary is $60,929 annually.

Insurance advisor

Insurance advisor also known as a financial advisor, an insurance advisor plays his role in providing financial advice to clients on protection from risks, investments and retirement planning. These insurance consultants carry out financial needs analysis with clients which includes liabilities, tax situation, asset and risk analysis and existing insurance majorly. Its national median salary is $66,260 per year.

Financial advisor

Good financial advice or guidance is provided by the financial advisor to the clients for compensation. Or rather, these professionals help clients identify short and long term financial goals and lead them to products that make sense to them. These financial advisors offer everything from portfolio management to insurance products. Financial advisors act as a “one-stop-shop”. registered advisors must have a Series 65 license to trade with the public. Its national median salary is $66,930 per year.

Best paying jobs
Best paying jobs

Compliance analyst

This is specifically known by the people as the Compliance Manager. These compliance analysts ensure that the organization’s processes and operations must meet government and industry compliance standards. They do research on regulations and policies. Also communicates the requirements, and also applies for compliance certification on behalf of their organizations. Its national average salary can be $64,433 per year.

Senior accountant 

Complex reports and financial records are analysed by a senior accountant. He is busy overseeing the accounting functions of the company. Along with this, financial transactions are certified and regulated by them. They are responsible for maintaining a ledger to ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of accounting operations. Its national median salary can be $72,639 per year.

Financial analyst

These are some of the types of professionals who analyze as well as collect financial data. And it is responsible for interpreting as well as preparing reports, models, presentations, and recommendations for customer leaders. These analysts must be good with numbers and have a strong understanding of accounting as well as proficiency in managing large data sets.According to CFI, world-class financial analysts are those who focus heavily on high-end business and expansion strategy at the same time. Its national median salary can be $69,419 per year.

Private equity associate

He is known as a business executive. This private equity associate is responsible in investment banking to assist with earned investments, due diligence with the investment bank’s existing customers, and finding potential investors. These private equity associates are responsible for helping through the entire journey of a transaction from inception to closing. They often play the role of acting as a coordinator for the transaction processes.Its national average salary can be $107,150 per year.

Hedge fund manager

The hedge fund manager, who manages as well as makes investment decisions, is also responsible for overseeing the operation of the hedge fund. The management of this hedge fund is considered very attractive. Due to its attractiveness, it can also be an attractive career option for you. To be successful a hedge fund manager must consider how to have a clearly defined investment strategy, competitive advantage, marketing, adequate capitalization, risk management strategy and sales plan.Its national median salary can be $98,260 per year.

Chief financial officer

The CFO is a Chief Financial Officer. It is often referred to as the Director of Finance. The job of overseeing the financial operations of the company is handled by them. It can also be said that these are the senior level management and play their role in planning the future financial aspects of the organization and monitoring the cash flow. Its national average salary can be $126,725 per year.

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Financial software developer

A financial software developer primarily known to the banking and finance industry. Along with this, they are also responsible for the work of developing, updating and modifying software programs. These financial software developers work closely with various businesses to develop anything from financial education software to debit/credit card software.

You can get more help in this area if you have prior knowledge of the financial industry as a whole. Additionally, you need to have extensive knowledge of at least one modern coding language (JavaScript, ie, Scala, Swift) for most software development tasks. Its national average salary can be $105,122 per year.

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