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Man cannot live without technology. Technology has revolutionized the world, it has completely engulfed modern life. If seen now, every day some technical products are launched in the market. Every person sitting in the house wants to be updated with technology so why are you leaving yourself behind. If you are updated to make the best use of technology. So the websites given here can help you further. This up-to-date information is playing a vital role in keeping pace with the rapidly changing world.                                

Tech crunch

This TechCrunch website was founded in 2005 by Michael Arrington which was later bought by AOL in a $25 million deal.This website stays on top by being the main source of tech and startup news. TechCrunch informs us about emerging tech companies that have secured funding or have recently launched new products or services and have the potential to change the world soon.


This website was founded by Pete Rojas in 2001.This blog is considered to be one of the pioneers in covering most of the gadgets related news and guides on the internet.This blog mainly provides latest news related to gadgets, best guide for gadgets and tutorials related to gadgets.If you are a gadget lover, then this website can be valuable for you and if you are searching for latest and upcoming gadget news then You must visit this website.

The verge

This blog delivers progressive technology news as well as publishes long-form feature stories, product reviews, and an entertainment show. If you’re interested in reading more about science, entertainment, or cars, you can visit this blog Can come and read.The main objective of this blog includes how technology can change the lives of ordinary people and what can be expected of the future from technology.


The technology coverage of this blog is so extensive that you can easily access news related to gaming, phone, android, apple, car, tablet, wearable and more through this website.If you are looking for something like reviews, news or columns you will find everything here.


This website was founded by Halsey Minor and Shelby Bonnie in the year 1994. This website is a website that tracks all the changes in consumer technology. Through this website, the audience is told how important role these new technologies play in simplifying the life of human beings. The website also gives simple information about the equipment and technologies to buy.

Technology Website
Technology Website

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Engadget, another news organization by Pete Rojas, was founded in 2004.If you are interested to see tech news and reviews then you must visit Engadget because Engadget completely covers movies, gaming technology and entertainment, it updates its blog continuously throughout the day. It gives such information through its blog, which you may not find on other blogs. It also provides information related to NASA technology, hardware and new technology gadgets to its visitors.

Digital trends

This website will help you to upgrade your lifestyle. This website will show you what you would be interested to see. This website brings to you comprehensive information on a wide range of the latest cutting edge technology related products.

Through this website, you can easily get information related to laptops, computers, home theatres, gaming devices and lifestyle products. Due to this, this website has become an integral part of people’s lives. The website doesn’t stop here. Cars, Music and Photography In addition, its coverage of Apple products and news for its products leaves people wondering. The best iPhone applications are included on the website. If you still do not believe our words, then you must visit this website and clear your doubts.

This blog is one of the best blogs that give information related to tech and gadgets. This blog mostly provides articles and guides related to new gadgets like gaming devices, laptops, tablets, mobiles, TVs. Along with this, it also includes podcasts, photos, videos related to the latest technology trends. The special feature of this website is that on this you can easily compare websites or new gadgets at the same time. This blog is presented to you every day with new news. This news is mostly related to tech which can be very interesting for you.


This website is considered very useful for its comprehensive and far-reaching coverage of newly released laptops, mobiles and tablets. If you are an Android lover then do not forget to visit this website because this website keeps the rating of mobile, tablet very thoughtfully in front of you. The mobile and tablet rating of this website is a special feature. Ratings are done after an in-depth research and you might like this rate a lot when it comes to choosing the best one.

If you are interested in buying any new mobile phone or tablet then you can check the rating by visiting this website as rating is offered on the basis of users experience and their reviews.


This website is considered to be one of the fastest growing top business sites with industry verticals, tech, financial, media. This website was launched on July 19, 2007. The website was founded by Dwight Merriman and Kevin Ryan, founders of DoubleClick, and Henry Blodgett, a former Wall Street analyst.It keeps its readers up-to-date on economic news as well as interviews with top entrepreneurs.


This blog is a technology research as well as an analysis firm. It aims to understand the impact of emerging technologies as well as the impact of business, media on society.


This website is considered to be one of the most popular technology websites. This website provides the latest technology news. This website leaves everyone behind in providing the latest technical news and posts to bloggers and technical website owners ahead of time, along with posting the latest technical posts on its platform. This blog also provides people with reviews of latest apps, gadgets launched by Apple, Android etc.

This blog was established in September 1999. This blog has been covering video games since its inception. This site started with PC Focus. This website showed keen interest in the competitive FPS scene of the time. But now the site has seen a change from the last few years now it has gone ahead to cover every aspect of gaming – board games, console, PC, indie and much more which attracts a lot of readers of the site.


This blog is known as Android Community. Through this platform, you can also learn a little hacking with reviews of phones, feature apps, general news, etc. And if you want to know about Android and you are trying to find the best place to know about Android then that good place can be You must visit Droid Life. Also, you can start a conversation with Android professionals on this blog by staying in touch with them.

This website is also considered to be one of the most popular technology related websites. But this website is known for posting only news and rumors related to Apple. The blog continues to be a massive hotspot for both consumers and professionals interested in the latest technologies and products. There is also an active community on this platform. Which focuses on the purchasing decisions and technical aspects of the iPod, iPhone, and Macintosh platforms. This forum was founded by Arnold Kim.


This website is considered the best in posting gadgets and gadgets related. This blog never lags behind in telling people about the gadgets and the technologies that advance the gadgets. This blog talks about electronics in such a simple language that everyone can understand about them. This blog explains everything from pricing, competition, design and user interface to practicality. You might also like this blog because it even explains what may and may not be the best gadgets for you. And what kind of gadget should you choose? is a media company. This blog is full of passion for covering amazing technology. And through this information can be obtained why this amazing technology is so important in our life. The platform presents you with the most innovative technology and gaming companies in front of you – and the incredible people behind them. This blog says that we are always ready for complete coverage of the technology revolution and we do not let our viewers down.

SIE (Sony Interactive Entertainment) PlayStation is known as a global leader in digital entertainment and interactive. This SIE is responsible for the family of Sony Interactive Entertainment products and the PlayStation brand. The first PlayStation in Japan in 1994

 Its market innovation and product distribution has started since its launch. The PlayStation family of services and products includes PlayStation Now, PlayStation Store, PlayStation Vue, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation VR. SIE also plays a role in overseeing Worldwide Studios, World Wild Studios known for developing exclusive, world-class games for the PlayStation. This website Blog .us . is known for posting full of tech and about the PlayStation.

This website is so famous that people have become a fan of this website. This website is considered one of the best blogs in terms of tech. This website has more than six million social media followers. Seeing its followers, it can be guessed how high this website has touched due to its extraordinary posts.

This website is like a dream world for tech lovers. The platform of this website has dazzling videos about the latest technology including software, design and many more applications. This blog provides the latest resources, information and news related to technology progress. It’s good posts are finding people so interesting that its popularity has reached the seventh heaven. There have been more than 20 million unique visits to this website.

This blog provides IT planning, IT advice, product reviews and business engineering.This blog is always ready to serve the people who want to get business profit by staying ahead of the technology curve. And the NoSQL databases on this website are constantly evolving.You must visit this website.


This blog provides valuable digital tools on applications, smartphones, gadgets, and tips related to these that you will find very interesting. Through this website you will get to know about topics like mobile technology, smartphone testimonials, and full in-depth overview of brand new devices. You can get useful advice. So you can see how valuable this website can be to you.That’s why you can get from this website what you might not have found on other websites.


The content of this website is printed by a group of experts so the posts posted in it are tech enthusiasts. Once you visit this website you will not want to go back. Because the articles posted in this website contribute in covering all the areas from your regular applications to the corporate enterprise component of the business. If you have any problem related to technology then you should definitely visit this website because here you will definitely get a solution to your problem.

You will find so much in the Computer World site that you will be blown away. This website is exactly what you want. This website includes information related to server features, information, security, OS, applications, cellular as well as technical issues related to Apple, Google, Microsoft companies. This website lays full emphasis on empowering the users and their managers so that the user will not hesitate at all to take efficient business benefits from the desktop application, mobile in the present times. This blog is also considered a guide for IT Managers. This blog is all about helping businesses bring customer and employee experiences with new platforms.

This website is customized to your needs. Through this website you can get the latest advice and reviews of recent hardware and software. Not only this, along with the computer purchase manual, its features, and much more whatever you want.

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If you want to learn to give good information to people by putting good posts for them, then someone should learn from This website is second to none in delivering technician information, reviews and analysis with a group of the most educated and respected journalists in media and technology.

Hope you have liked the information given by us. Our Beginner support. com website keeps posting such information filled posts.And this website will keep bringing similar posts for you in future also.

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