12 Ways to Grow Your YouTube Channel

12 Ways to Grow Your YouTube Channel
12 Ways to Grow Your YouTube Channel

12 Ways to Grow Your YouTube Channel

Do you have a YouTube channel and you are looking for tips to grow your YouTube channel as well as doing everything possible to grow YouTube channel. So let us tell you that you have come to the right place. In this article we have introduced 12 best tips to grow a YouTube channel which can be helpful in growing your YouTube channel.

 You cannot deny that video marketing has seen a lot in the last few years, becoming more popular for brands as well as being considered very accessible. While popular sites like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and a website are also great places to invest in, creating a YouTube channel can also be considered as the best way to promote your brand as a lot of people visit this platform every day. And spend billions of hours watching videos.

And do you also know that YouTube is the ‘second largest search engine‘ in the world. YouTube can be a good place to find your content faster and help you increase engagement. If you can understand the basics and some tricks of making creative videos. So you can definitely understand the things mentioned in this article.

Build your videos based on a single keyword/topic

If you want to increase the traffic of your channel as well as bring more youtube viewers to your channel, then try to make your video around one topic or keyword. Many marketers who do not know SEO, then they take this step to rank the videos.

 Only remember, but memorizing it will not work, rather you have to use it, only then more and more viewers will come to see your video. So it is necessary for you to follow this method. Use the Keyword Tool to see the most searched keywords. The Keyword Tool which is specific to YouTube, will help you work on the most searched keywords and you will get more traffic to your channel.

Try to understand again how this will happen. If you are creating your video content then it will be important for you to choose keywords before that as it will help you to create the best information about that specific topic. By doing this you won’t have difficulty remembering to include your keywords naturally throughout the content, so YouTube will try to pick it up even if closed captions are added.

Let us also tell you that once you choose a keyword, you should make sure that the keyword you have chosen is correct, so that you need to optimize your title and description. You have to watch the videos currently ranking for that topic. By doing this, you will be able to generate more search traffic on YouTube with SEO.

Build your network with social media

Build your network with social media
Build your network with social media

If you want to be a successful YouTuber, you have to build your network with social media. You may also have to face some obstacles in this path but do not panic because it is important for you. You may not feel that you are being asked to go to social networking sites but YouTube also helps you to collaborate, share information and connect with other users. Thus, you have to build your network with good YouTubers to be successful.

And for this you also need to make an effort. This is of great importance in a YouTube community because collaboration between creators helps a channel grow and gain new subscribers. This thing has been seen experimentally. When two YouTubers help each other, it is very beneficial for both of them. Big youtubers whose experience is used by you, then you don’t have to waste as much time to be successful on YouTube as those big youtubers did.

You’ll have to try talking to other creators. They will have to make every effort to make friends and inquire about possible collaborations. You should not hesitate to contact the big YouTuber to do this. Yes it can be a bit risky for you. And maybe even a little intimidating. But this step can also be very beneficial for you. So don’t be afraid to try it because this is the step where you will use the experience shared by another youtuber and you won’t have to take too much risk to be successful.

Post to YouTube channel multiple times per week

You must post several times per week on your YouTube channel. You have to show the audience coming to your channel with YouTube that you are working very hard to be the top of your work. More recent surveys have shown that if you post multiple times per week on your YouTube channel, your chances of increasing exposure and engagement are higher. It is likely that this can go a long way in building your audience in the beginning.

So you have to follow this. For this, it would be better that you continue the work of posting regular videos on your YouTube channel, this can increase the traffic on your channel as well as flood of subscribers. Because everyone likes a regular working person.

By continuously posting videos, your content (videos) will act as a library for your target audience. And the audience will have to come to your channel.

If they like the content on your channel. For this they would like to join you, due to this the number of your subscribers will increase. Also, your channel will also grow in less time.

Every video should be given an interesting look

Every video should be given an interesting look
Every video should be given an interesting look

If the YouTube channel will grow then it is because of you. But just for this you have to make a slight change in your content. All you have to do is give an interesting look to your video. Only two factors play their part in this, you and your content. The attraction of the audience is more towards a surprising result, so you should always try that the video made by you must have surprising results. Makeover videos, stories and DIYs are among the most viewed content by people.

Starting a video with a story can be very beneficial for both you and your audience because when people watch the story, they want to see what will happen next in this story. And that’s why viewers will click on your channel because it is natural for them to be interested in this area, that’s why you should always post content that your audience likes to see and hear.

Opening credits and title should be kept short

You must have noticed many youtubers that they make the opening title and opening credits very long, which is quite boring for the visiting viewers. Viewers who come to the videos of such YouTubers do not even watch the whole thing, but they remove it after seeing a little. That’s why it’s important to make sure you keep your opening title and opening credits short.

Also, you should try that the whole opening should not be more than 5 seconds. If you’ve made the title or opening credits too long, your video may lose interest.

Your chances of getting it will increase and your video will be less likely to appear. The long beginning of the video discourages people and makes them think that this person is doing timepass. Because the audience cannot watch the same long sequence over and over again, the audience wants to see the thing they have come for as quickly as possible.

Use the “Featured Video” service

You can also use the paid “featured video” service if you want. If you think the video will be a hit after seeing the video you made, you can use the paid “featured video” service released by YouTube to make that video more viral. If you do this then many people can watch your video in a very short time. And once the video starts showing, organic traffic to your channel will usually outpace your paid traffic. Just as you can pay to increase the chances people will visit you when they find you on Google, you can lower your odds by doing the same with your videos on YouTube.

Complete watch time with long videos

Although only short videos should be made. But to increase the watch time You also have to pay attention to long videos. By making long videos, your watch time will be completed soon. If the video is long, then the information given in it should also be more. Only then people will see your video completely. The specialty of short videos is that less time is spent watching them. Because of this, more views come on that video. If you are making the video long, the video should normally be 7 to 15 minutes long.

If you have made a video of about half an hour, and you have spent less time or less effort in making that video, then people will not watch that video completely. That’s why  make big videos between 7 and 15 minutes only.

Re-use existing high performing content

Friends, let us tell you that you should work on the existing content which has done top performance. To work means that you must re-use the material. As you know, the best way to grow a YouTube channel is to create great content and focus on delivering that content. But to get that material you should always try without scratching. Useful, valuable and engaging content that you already have should be used to make great videos.

You must have noticed that many people take the help of YouTube to find the answers to their questions and how-to tutorials, anyway during the time of COVID-19 pandemic people preferred to watch the ‘How to’ videos. In ‘ In just 1 year, people spent 4 billion hours watching how-to videos. You can understand that this can be considered a great way to increase traffic to your channel along with problem solving content for your viewers.

You should insist on conducting a content audit to discover guides, blogs as well as other high-performing pieces you currently have. Also you should consider how to reuse that content to make an engaging as well as a relevant video.

You should also keep in mind that the most successful videos on YouTube are usually those that are between one and five minutes long. so don’t think you have to make a movie or a novel. It is better if the video is short and sweet.

Go Live on YouTube

Go Live on YouTube
Go Live on YouTube

If you want, you can also come live on YouTube. Live video on YouTube is considered one of the simplest ways to create video content. You have to waste less time creating content in live video because when there is live talk, your followers will ask you questions and you will answer them.

Live video is very popular on YouTube. At the same time it is also highly supported because a good advantage of live video is that it can communicate directly with its audience. Another feature is that it also has a longer viewing time. Live video ultimately helps in providing excellent engagement opportunities.

If you want to make high quality video then you should use a smartphone or webcam. Also you can share those videos as live broadcasts.

come up with something new

You should keep in mind that people like things that are different and totally different. Visiting viewers are not always behind in appreciating innovative content.

Yes, it can be a bit risky for you to work in that field in which no one has worked. But you can do this. And if you are successful in doing this then it can be like a miracle for you.

If you think right and present in front of people with something that they have never seen before. And that thing should be positive. So the result you get will be amazingly correct. It all depends on your creativity and abilities.

 No waste your time thinking about money

Often most people want to earn money immediately by creating a channel on YouTube. Also, they waste their time thinking more about money. Rather, they should use that time on YouTube. Wanting to earn money fast is a bad mindset.

You should make efforts to provide great videos for your audience from the very beginning.

Remove this thing from your mind that you are not getting good money right now. You have to focus on your followers and views instead of chasing money. When you reach a certain level, money will follow you. But to reach that level, you have to bring regularity in your work and devote more and more of your time to YouTube.

Don’t be in a hurry to edit and insert the video

You must have seen many YouTube channels that very few of the videos put in their channel are good. This is because they may not have given enough time to make or think about their videos.

Another reason is that they do not prepare in advance for the videos they are going to upload. However, if they do not hurry, the videos made by them can become quite attractive. So before uploading your video you should give enough time to think about the video. Videos should not be uploaded in a hurry. Otherwise your video will get less views and you will be disappointed. So even if it is a little late, put a good video.

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