5 Reasons Why Web Stories Traffic Is Down

Why is the traffic of web stories going down? Why is my web stores traffic down to 0? These types of questions must be coming to your mind. You are engaged in this search, so I can know the reason for the traffic down of web stories. If you are looking for it, you are reading the right article. In this article, you will get to know the reasons for web stories traffic down.

5 Reasons Why Web Stories Traffic Is Down
5 Reasons Why Web Stories Traffic Is Down

Why Web Stories Traffic Is Down

There are many ways to earn money in the internet world, including blogging. Web stories come in this blogging.

Many bloggers earn millions of Money by creating web stories, but sometimes the traffic of our web stories suddenly decreases. Don’t panic, today you will know the reason for the downfall in traffic.

You have to read each step thoroughly. There are many reasons why web stories traffic is down.

Web Stories traffic is down due to the following reasons.

1- Google Penalty

We make many mistakes while creating Google Web Stories. For this, Google has kept the option of Google Penalty. If a website gets punished for its content, then there is a negative effect on the website. Website loses Google ranking. Sometimes they even remove the website from the search results altogether. Many sites are penalized by Google penalty, due to which the keywords of the website lose ranking.

All this is when Google suspects that a website has violated its policies or in addition uses “black-hat” SEO tactics, it can issue fines. If this is found regarding your site, then Google penalizes your website manually as well as algorithmically.

Due to this, your website loses ranking, and the keywords of your site fall from the first page and go down. For this reason, the traffic to your web stories goes down.

How do you check Google penalties?

For this, you have to first come to Google Search Console.

Security and Manual Actions
Security and Manual Actions

In the search console, you have to come down on the left side. To you Security and Manual Actions option will appear. You have to click on this. After clicking, you will see two options.

Manual Actions and Security issues

Manual Actions and Security issues
Manual Actions and Security issues

You have to click on Manual Actions. And the result will come in front of you. Coming by writing No issues detected. Your site is not affected by Google Penalty.

Manual Actions
Manual Actions

After checking Manual Actions, you have to click on Security issues. The result will come in front of you. Coming by writing No issues detected. Your site is not affected by security issues.

Security issues
Security issues

In this way, you can check Google Penalties in Google Search Console.

2- Change Content Language

Language can also be the biggest reason for the traffic down of web stories. What I mean to say is that you are publishing your web stories in different languages. For this reason, also the traffic of Web stories will be down.

Every website has a language. And we have to create content in that language. Many sites create subdomains for different languages.

3- Google New Update

Google always brings new updates. So that it can improve its strategies and results by changing its algorithms. When any new update of Google comes, then a large amount of website gets affected. This also has an effect on Discover traffic. Due to this many website articles and web stories stop showing in Discover. This affects the traffic of Web Stories in the maximum amount. Because the traffic of web stories comes from Discover.

Google is making changes to its algorithms to improve the Discover platform. Due to this many websites are affected. Actually, Google is trying to down the ranking of such content, which does not follow the rules of the website.

4- Web Stories Tools

Most bloggers want to earn money from web stories. But only a few bloggers out of them are able to earn good money. Most bloggers use different platforms to create web stories. Many tools have come on the internet to create web stories. Such as – Google Web Stories Plugin, Make Stories, Visual Stories, StorifyMe, Ampstor, MakeStories, Tappable, Storyly.

Many times we start using other tools except one web stories tool. Changing the plugin or tool of web stories also changes the template of web stories. That is, the animation and design of web stories get changed. For this reason, also the traffic of web stories can be affected.

The traffic of web stories may also be affected due to this swap. But because of this, your traffic does not get down for a long time. But this problem gets fixed after working for a few days.

5- Server Overload

Sometimes web stories get so much traffic, which reduces website traffic. If more users visit your site at the same time, it can crash the server, or overload the server. That is, the site is not able to meet the demand of the visitors.

 Therefore, it is important to optimize your website to avoid website downtime and be prepared for high traffic spikes. For this, you recommend BeginnerSupport Cloudways WordPress Hosting. This hosting can easily handle your high traffic.

You know 5 reasons why Web Stories traffic is down. If you have any questions for us, then do let me know.

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