Who is Twiggy? Here’s everything about her

Twiggy is a famous English model and actress. Her full name is Dame Lesley Lawson but she is known professionally only as Twiggy. She entered modeling at the age of 16 thanks to a famous hairdresser and the Daily Express article “The Face of ’66”. As a model, she also appeared on the covers of many popular magazines, including Vogue and The Tatler. Apart from modeling, She also gained a lot of popularity as an actress. She appeared in many TV movies. Her most famous film was The Boy Friend (1971), which earned her two Golden Globe Awards.      

Who is Twiggy? Here’s everything about her
Who is Twiggy? Here’s everything about her

Twiggy Facts

Date of birth19 September 1949
Age73 years 
OccupationModel & Actress


Twiggy’s father’s name is William Norman Hornby and her mother’s name is Nellie Lydia. She also has two elder sisters named Vivien and Shirley.  

Physical status

Twiggy’s height is 5 feet 6 inches and her weight is 52 Kg. Apart from this, Her hair color is blonde and her eye color is blue.  

Net Worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, her net worth is 50 million. 

Social Media

She is present on Instagram. She has more than 73k followers on Instagram. Her Instagram account is by the name @twiggylawson.         


Twiggy was born in Middlesex, England. Her father was a master carpenter while her mother was a factory worker for a Printing firm. Twiggy did her high school studies at Queens Park Community School. She learned to sew at an early age under the guidance of her mother. And because of this, she became so adept at sewing that she used to make her own clothes.   

Twiggy Story

There is a short story behind Twiggy entering modeling. When Twiggy was only 16, she had her hair cut and colored at Leonard’s in Mayfair, London. The salon was owned by Leonard Mayfair at the time, who was a popular hairdresser. That time, Leonard was looking for some models on whom to try his new crop haircut. 

Twiggy Story
Twiggy Story

And seeing the 16-year-old girl, his thoughts got more strength. He then styled her hair properly so that some headshots could be taken. After this, famous photographer Barry Letgan took many pictures of her for Leonard. After this, the hairdresser hung those pictures in his salon. One day a fashion journalist who worked for Daily Express saw those pictures and requested to meet the girl. After this, the same journalist whose name was McSharry arranged to take the photos. About two weeks later, the Daily Express published an article based on Twiggy, including images of her. In the article she was named “The Face of 66”. The article became a topic of discussion. 

And in the same way, this article got her into modeling. And soon Twiggy became one of the famous models of her time. But after four years she left modeling. And when she was asked the reason for leaving modeling, So she cited that you cannot be a clothes hanger for your whole life. As an actress, she was seen in TV movies like Brand New World (1999), Body Bags (1993), and The Diamond Trap (1988).   


According to Wikiwand, Twiggy’s first marriage was in 1977 to Michael Witney, who was an American film and television actor. But Michael died in 1983 due to a heart attack. After this, Twiggy’s second marriage took place with English actor Leigh Lawson. The couple is with each other since 1988.    

FAQ About Twiggy

  • Does Twiggy have Instagram?

    Yes, Twiggy is present on Instagram. You can find her on Instagram with 73k followers.

  • How old is Twiggy?

    Twiggy is 73 years old.

  • Who is Twiggy married to?

    Her first marriage was to Michael Witney. But he died due to a heart attack. After this, she married Leigh Lawson.

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