Who is Deborah James? 

Who is Deborah James 
Who is Deborah James 

Who is Deborah James? 

Deborah James full name is Dame Deborah James. Deborah James is a podcast host. She is also known as Bowel Babe. Deborah James was diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2016. She has been a high-profile advocate for cancer awareness for many years, including on the podcast You, Me and the Big C.   

How old is Deborah James? 

Deborah James is 40 years old.

Who is Deborah James Husband

Deborah James’s husband’s name is Sebastian Bowen. Sebastien Bowen is a banker who works for Pomona Capital.  

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Where does Deborah James Live

Deborah James has said that she is spending most of her time with her parents.  

What are the names of Deborah James’s children?  

Deborah James has a son named Hugo and a daughter, Eloise. 

What are the names of Deborah James’s parents?

Deborah James’s father’s name is Alistair James and mother’s name is Heather James.   

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What disease does Deborah James have?

Deborah James is fighting a disease called bowel cancer.  

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