Shasta Groene Biography: Husband, Age, Parents, Height & Net worth

Shasta Groene Biography: Shasta Groene is the same girl whose entire family was murdered, only she was the last member of her family. She had faced a lot of difficulty to forget her past. But now she lives happily with her husband and children. For more information about Shasta Groene, read the complete this Biography article.   

Shasta Groene Biography
Shasta Groene Biography Credit- Facebook

Shasta Groene Biography

Who is Shasta Groene ? 

Shasta Groene is currently 25 years old in 2022. When Shasta was 8 years old, her family was murdered. At the time, she was the only survivor of her family. Shasta Groene had faced many difficulties in forgetting her past and pursuing a new life. Shasta shared her story with the television program People Magazine Investigates, which airs on Investigation Discovery.          

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Shasta Groene Facts

NameShasta Groene
Nick NameShasta    
Age25 years (2022)
OccupationSupervising housekeeper

Shasta Groene Family

FatherMark McKenzie (Stepfather)  
MotherBrenda Groene 
SiblingsSlade Groene and Dylan

Shasta Groene Physical status

HeightNot Known
WeightNot Known   
Hair ColorBlack 
Eye ColorBlack

Shasta Groene Images

Shasta Groene Images
Shasta Groene Images Credit- Facebook
Shasta Groene Images
Shasta Groene Images Credit- Facebook

Shasta Groene Social Media 

Shasta Groene is not present on any social media.

Shasta Groene Wikipedia

According to The Sun, When Shasta Groene was 8 years old, a serial killer named Joseph Edward Duncan broke into her house. the story goes something like this 

On May 15, 2005, when Shasta was eight years old, she saw someone hiding in her bedroom cell. But her brother comforted her and put her to sleep again.

But later Shasta Groene was woken up by her mother and she cried saying that there is someone in the house. 

At that time there was a registered sex offender Joseph Edward Duncan who was 42 years old in Shasta Groin’s home. This serial killer was later linked to the murder of a 10-year-old boy.   

After this Shasta then went to the living room.

There, a man with a gun was standing on top of them and he was also wearing night vision goggles. After this, the man with the gun (Edward Duncan) tied Shasta and her nine-year-old brother and took them to his car.

The stranger then returned to the living room and brutally beat and killed Shasta Groin’s 13-year-old brother, mother and father.

Shasta and her 9-year-old brother were taken to a camp and both were taken hostage and sexually abused.

After this Duncan killed her brother. Even after this, Shasta did not give up. Duncan sent her to the restaurant. 

In the restaurant, she made eye contact with a man and nodded her head. The man knew Shasta.

After this, Shasta Groene was missing at that point for seven weeks. After this the man whom Shasta had met went to the working waitress who called the police.

After this Joseph Duncan was caught after the police arrived. 

Shasta Groene Early life 

Shasta Groin’s early life was terrifying. So horrifying that after listening to it everyone’s hair gets raised.   

Shasta Groene Husband

According to, Shasta Groene’s husband’s name is Michael. Both live happily with each other. 

Shasta Groene Career

Shasta Groene currently works as a supervising housekeeper in a hotel. She also has four children. 

FAQ About Shasta Groene 

  • What are the names of Shasta Groene’s parents?

    Shasta Groen’s father’s name was Mark McKenzie and mother’s name was Brenda Groene. 

  • How old is Shasta Groene?  

    Shasta Groene is 25 years old in 2022. 

  • What was the name of Shasta Groene’s Husband?

    The name of Shasta Groene’s husband is Michael.  

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