Rishi Sunak Biography: Politician, Wiki, Wife, Age, Family, Career and More

Who is Rishi Sunak ?
Who is Rishi Sunak ?

Who is Rishi Sunak ?

Today we are going to tell about such a great person who is one of the best popular leaders of the world. Seeing his popularity, today everyone knows him or tries to know more about him. Rishi Sunak is one of the great personalities. Who has started ruling the hearts and minds of people at a very young age. Rishi Sunak is a British politician. Member of Parliament of the United Kingdom. Rishi Sunak is an Indian-born British Conservative Party politician, as well as the son-in-law of Indian billionaire businessman and Infosys co-founder NR Narayana Murthy.

Britain’s Indian-origin MP Rishi Sunak is being considered a strong contender for the post of Prime Minister after Boris Johnson resigned from the post of Prime Minister of Britain. Rishi Sunak is currently being seen as the most popular and capable politician in British politics. There is also a wave of enthusiasm and happiness in India with the prospect of Rishi Sunak becoming the Prime Minister of Britain. Honorable Mr. Rishi Sunak, a member of the British Conservative Party, is a member of his illustrious political party. Talking about his personality, his behavior is versatile and impressive.

Rishi Sunak Biography

Rishi Sunak is one of the best among leaders. Whose popularity in politics has spread so much. That everyone knows them today or wants to know. Rishi Sunak is a rising face in politics. Whom everyone is crazy about. Rishi Sunak is a British politician who served as Chancellor of the Exchequer from 2020 to 2022. Rishi Sunak has served as the Chief Secretary of the Treasury from the year 2019 to the year 2020. As a member of the Conservative Party in 2020 and, since 2015, Member of Parliament for Richmond (York).

Rishi Sunak was born on 12 May 1980 in Southampton to Indian parents who emigrated from East Africa. Talking about the education of Rishi Sunak, he was educated at Winchester College. And later Rishi Sunak studied Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) at Lincoln College, Oxford, and later did an MBA from Stanford University as a Fulbright Scholar.

While studying at Stanford, he met his future wife Akshata Murthy, daughter of Indian billionaire businessman NR Narayana Murthy, who founded Infosys. Rishi Sunak and N Narayana Murthy are among the 222nd richest men in Britain. After graduation, Rishi Sunak also worked for Goldman Sachs and later as a partner in hedge fund firms The Children’s Investment Fund Management and Thelem Partners.

Rishi Sunak then stepped into politics. And for the first time in the year 2014, he stepped into the UK Parliament. And he was selected as the Conservative MP candidate for Richmond. After this, former MP William Haig announced not to contest the next election. And after that in the 2015 general election, Richmond contested for the UK. And won that election by 36% of the votes.

Rishi Sunak served in Theresa May’s second government as Secretary of Parliament for Local Government. Rishi Sunak voted three times in his favor for May’s Brexit withdrawal agreement. After May resigned, Rishi Sunak was a supporter of Boris Johnson’s campaign to become Conservative leader. After Boris Johnson was appointed Prime Minister, Prime Minister Boris Johnson appointed Rishi Sunak as a Chief Secretary to the Treasury. Sunak replaced Sajid Javid as Chancellor of the Exchequer following his resignation in February 2020.

Rishi Sunak was prominent in the government’s economic response to the economic impact of the government’s decision to impose a lockdown to combat the COVID-19 pandemic in the United Kingdom as chancellor. In April 2022, he became the first chancellor in British history to be accepted for breaking the law while in office, after being issued a certain fine amount or notice for violating COVID-19 rules during the lockdown.

 Rishi Sunak resigned as chancellor on 5 July 2022, citing economic policy differences between himself and Johnson. And on July 2022, he has also announced his candidacy to replace Boris Johnson in the Conservative Party leadership election.

Rishi Sunak Facts

NameRishi Sunak
Nick NameSunak  
Full NameRishi Sunak
Date of birth12 May 1980
Age42 years 
Birth PlaceSouthampton, United Kingdom
OccupationPolitician, Businessman
Zodiac sign              Taurus
SchoolStanford Graduate School of Business
College/UniversityWinchester College, Lincoln College, OxfordStanford University
Education Winchester College Lincoln College, Oxford (BA)Stanford University (MBA)

Rishi Sunak Family

Rishi Sunak Family
Rishi Sunak Family

After the resignation of British Prime Minister “Boris Johnson”, Rishi Sunak, a popular British politician of Indian origin, is being considered as the front-runner and strong contender for the post of Prime Minister. Rishi Sunak is also serving as the Chancellor of the Exchequer since February 2020.

Rishi Sunak was born on 12 May 1980 in Southampton, UK to an Indian Punjabi Hindu family. His mother’s name is Usha Sunak. And father’s name was Yashveer Sunak. Rishi Sunak is the eldest of his three siblings. And his grandparents were from Punjab province, and were born in British India. He then moved to Britain from East Africa with his family and children in the 1960s.

Rishi Sunak’s father Yashveer was a general practitioner, and his mother Usha, also a pharmacist, ran a local pharmacy there. Rishi Sunak’s brother Sanjay is a psychologist. and her sister Rakhi serve as Head of Humanitarian, Peacebuilding, United Nations Funds and Programs in the Office of Foreign Affairs, Commonwealth and Development.

Rishi Sunak met his future wife “Akshata Murthy” while studying MBA course at Stanford University, whom he married in 2009 in Bangalore. Daughter of Indian billionaire “NR Narayana Murthy”, Akshata Murthy also works as a director in Catamaran Ventures. She also drives. She has her own fashion label, and is currently counted among the richest women in Britain. Rishi Sunak also has two daughters. Whose names are Krishna Sanak and Anoushka Sanak.

FatherYashvir Sunak
MotherUsha Sunak
SpouseAkshata Murthy
Children’s NameKrishna Sunak and Anushka Sunak
SisterRakhi Sunak
BrotherSanjay Sunak
Father-in-lawN.r. Narayana Murthy
Mother-in lawSudha Murty

Physical status Rishi Sunak

Height5 feet 7 inch (170cm)
Weight70 Kg   
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlack

Net worth of Rishi Sunak

Net worth£3.1 billion

Rishi Sunak wikipedia

Rishi Sunak, who is of Indian origin, is the frontrunner in the race for the Prime Minister of Britain. It is believed that in the coming times, he will be seen as the Prime Minister of Britain. Talking about Rishi’s ancestors, he is from Punjab and his wife Akshata Murthy is the daughter of big industrialist and co-founder of Infosys Narayan Murthy.

Talking about Rishi Sunak’s political career in England, it has been very spectacular. Last time also he was leading the race for prime minister, but saw Boris Johnson at the last minute, and he was elected as prime minister. But this time his chances of becoming PM are being seen the most. Let us know in detail about his career…

Rishi Sunak was born on 12 May 1980 in Southampton, UK. His mother’s name was Usha Sunak and father’s name was Yashveer Sunak. He is the eldest of three siblings. His grandparents were residents of Punjab. In 1960, he moved with his children to East Africa and from here his family moved to England.

Rishi Sunak currently has two daughters. Whose names are Anushka Sunak and Krishna Sunak.

If we talk about Rishi Sunak’s studies, then he has come from ‘Winchester College’ in England. And did further studies from Oxford. In 2006, he did his MBA from Stanford University.

Talking about Rishi Sunak’s meeting with Akshata Murthy, it happened at Stanford University during his MBA studies. After some time he started liking her. And in the year 2009, he married Akshata Murthy in Bangalore.

After the completion of Rishi Sunak’s studies, he got a job in ‘Goldman Sex’. After that in 2009, he quit his job and started his own business. And in the year 2013, he and his wife were appointed as a director in ‘Catamaran Ventures UK Limited’. And after some time in the year 2015, Rishi Sunak resigned from this firm. But his wife remained attached to it. Talking about this company, this company belongs to his father-in-law Narayan Murthy.

Rishi Sunak entered politics for the first time in 2014. In 2015, he contested from Richmond and won. Become the Finance Minister of England on 13 February 2020. After some time he resigned even more.

At present, after the news of the resignation of Boris Johnson, the name of Rishi Sunak is running at the forefront of the race for British PM. We believe that we will soon see Rishi Sunak as the Prime Minister of Britain in the coming times.

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Rishi Sunak Social Media

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Business career Of Rishi Sunak

Rishi Sunak also worked as an analyst for investment bank Goldman Sachs between 2001 and 2004. And then he did a lot of work for the hedge fund management firm The Children’s Investment Fund Management. And then became a partner in September 2006. November 2009 to also join associates in a new hedge fund firm, Thelem Partners, which began in October 2010 with $700 million in management. He had also been a director of investment firm Catamaran Ventures, which was owned by his own father-in-law Bhartiya NR Narayana Murthy.

Member of Parliament of the United Kingdom

Rishi Sunak was selected as the Conservative candidate for Richmond in October 2014. Talking about this seat, this seat is one of the safest Conservative seats in the United Kingdom which has been held by the party for more than 100 years. In the same year Sunak was also the head of the Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) Research Unit of the centre-right think tank Policy Exchange, for which he co-authored a report on BME communities in the UK. He was elected as an MP in the 2015 general election with a majority of 19,550 votes. He was a member of the Select Committee on Environment, Food and Rural Affairs in the Parliament of 2015-2017.

Rishi Sunak supported Britain’s leaving the European Union in a 2016 membership referendum. In the same year Rishi Sunak wrote a report for the Center for Policy Studies, supporting the establishment of free ports after Brexit.

Rishi Sunak was re-elected in the 2017 general election with a majority of 23,108 votes. He also served as Parliamentary Under Secretary for Local Government between January 2018 and July 2019. Rishi Sunak supported Boris Johnson in the 2019 Conservative Party leadership election. And in the same year co-authored an article in The Times newspaper with fellow MPs Robert Jenrick and Oliver Dowden to advocate for Boris Johnson did too.

Rishi Sunak Images

Rishi Sunak Image
Rishi Sunak Image
Rishi Sunak Image
Rishi Sunak Image

FAQ About Rishi Sunak

What are the names of Rishi Sunak’s parents?

Rishi Sunak’s parents’ name is Yashvir Sunak and Usha Sunak

How old is Rishi Sunak ? 

 Rishi Sunak age is 42 years old.

What is the name of Rishi Sunak’s wife ?

The name of is Akshata Murthy

How is Rishi Sunak associated with India?

His grandparents were Indian.

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