Most Popular 21 Best Search Engines: The Complete Guide

People think that Google is the only search engine, whereas it is not so apart from Google, there are search engines on which people depend. Today we are going to tell about them.

It is hard to say that any other search engine can give better results than Google. Because Google has dominated more than 90% of the market.

Most Popular 21 Best Search Engines  The Complete Guide
Most Popular 21 Best Search Engines

Best Search Engines

People’s trust in Google is so high that they do not want to waste their time on any other search engine. Come on, now we are going to tell you about 20 search engines.



slideshare introduced its presentation on October 4, 2006.It is a service run by American Hosting, currently owned by Scribd, for professional content, documents, videos, presentations and infographics. Users who want to upload files privately or publicly can do so by accessing OpenDocument, PDF, Word and Powerpoint. And if you wish to view the content, you can embed it on the site itself, on mobile devices or on other sites.

The ability to share, rate and comment on uploaded content is also provided by Slideshare.

As of 2018 statistics it was estimated that SlideShare receives 80 million unique visitors a month. Its biggest rivals are, Issu and Adokr.

2.Internet Archives

It is an American digital bookstore containing millions of books, images,and videos. The Archive is an active organization known for its archiving work as well as a free and open Internet. It contains 580 billion pages, 3.8 million images, 13,225, 000 audio files, videos, 8. 9 million movies, and the Wayback Machine has over 30 million books and texts

This allows digital content to be uploaded and downloaded to a data cluster, and the bulk of the data collected by web crawlers is automatically processed. It makes every effort to preserve the public web.



Twitter was created in March 2006 by Evan Williams, Noah Glass, Jack Dorsey and Biz Stone and launched in July.It is a social networking and microblogging service operated by America.

Twitter was one of the ten most visited websites in 2013.

Messages called “tweets” are interacted with and posted on it. Registered users can post, like and retweet tweets, unregistered users can read only those that are publicly available but registered users can also retweet, like and post tweets.

As of 2012, 340 million tweets were posted a day by over 100 million Twitter users, and Twitter’s service also handled an average of 1.6 billion search queries per day.


It is a search engine based in Berlin, the capital of Germany that donates 80% of its profits to those who focus on deforestation.protect the privacy of its users.ecosia understands that forest is a wealth we must protect it.ecosia supports its full financial transparency.

More than 134 million trees have been planted by ecosia since its inception so far i.e. till September 2021.


It donates 60% of its every month to many organizations. The tasks of those organizations are to combat the current threat of climate change, deforestation, focus on climate action and efforts for animal welfare and conservation. Ekoru’s effort is to find an organization that is charitable every month.

Ekoru does not store any user or search-related data on its servers and spends its money on good causes.


Microsoft sites will account for a quarter of all search queries in the United States by January 2020 

Bing is a web search engine powered by Microsoft and developed by ASP.NET.

Bing provides various types of search services with web, video, image, map etc.

Microsoft’s replacement Bing unveiled by Steve Ballmer


Yandex is most commonly used in Russia. Yandex is the 5th largest search engine worldwide after Yahoo!, Baidu, Bing, Google. It is used the most in Russia. More than 45% of Russians use it.

Yandex is also used in Turkey, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan.The founders of the Yandex company and most of the team members are in Russia.Yandex has 18 commercial offices all over the world.


It is also a web search engine which was launched in 2014.

In addition to “answering” queries very quickly, Swisscows  also does not allow users to store data.

It also considers itself “family friendly”.Swisscows also promises to better answer your questions.


StartpageIt is a Dutch search remembers your settings very well.Startpage also includes a URL generator, HTTP:support and proxy service.

Startpage company is based in the Netherlands.

It has web searches as well as a tab for video and image searches


“Gibiru is the very favorite search engine for the Patriots.” Gibru claims to be faster than the “NSA search engine” because it does not install tracking cookies on your computer.

Gebru’s search results are retrieved from a modified Google algorithm. Gibru users can query any information they want and with this user need not worry about the tracking activities of Google.

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OneSearch was launched by Verizon Media in January 2020.

It is a  fast and simple search engine which helps us to find books, articles etc.onesearch has been adopted by 23 CSU libraries,It is a search tool by Oviat Library designed to locate E-Books, Videos, Articles and Books provided by the library.

onesearch provides support and a platform to the CSU system where people can share resources.

This is one of the most popular wiki-based websites, and has been ranked in the top twenty since 2007 as the most visited in the world.It gets its results from many wikis on the net.

Wardaknigham, the developer of WikiWikiweb who said it was the simplest database. This is also recognized as a wiki engine.


It is a “Social Impact Search Engine” that aims to solve the problem of poor quality water around the world and people who are facing water crises.Give Water was started by Michael Feeley. When Michael Feeley met Scott Harrison, the founder of the charity, his interest in the work grew.


Boardreader is the first place you’ll find message boards or forums about a specific topic. Inquiries about their results through online forums and various types of message boards are done by boardreaders. To find the forums you want, you need to be proficient with a few keystrokes.

15.Search Encrypt

When we input a query, Search Encrypt receives results from its network of search partners and delivers the requested information.It is a privacy friendly search engine. As Search Encrypt When you use Search Encrypt, their main goal is to protect our search privacy. And we encrypt your search terms locally before they are sent to our servers as Search Encrypt  And Search Encrypt also claims that Search Encrypt’s search security makes it nearly impossible for anyone to spy on your searches, even if they have access to your computer.


It is an Internet search engine that emphasizes on protecting the privacy of searchers. According to duckduckgo, millions of people rely on duckduckgo’s free all-in-one privacy solution each day.duckduckgo provides a simplified privacy. Duckduckgo’s mission is to tell the world how to protect privacy.

  It is not as difficult as people think. For more than a decade, duckduckgo has created innovative technology and worked closely with policy makers to make online privacy simple and accessible to all, which has become a major reason for duckduckgo to do well today.


(CC), an American non-profit organization with an international network dedicated solely to educational outreach.If you are looking for any kind of copyright-free content then you should go to cc search engine. If you’re looking for an image for a blog post, or music for a video, or anything else, this search engine is just right for you. This search engine is dependent on donations to keep it running.


This search engine is a computational answer engine.wolframAlpha is developed by WolframAlpha LLC, a subsidiary of Wolfram Research.This search engine gives you answers to problems on a wide variety of topics, from algebra to words and linguistics.

wolframAlpha is particularly adept at answering phrased natural language fact-based questions, or more complex questions. Its pricing starts at $5.49 per month.


This search engine was created by ex-Google executives. Neeva provides an ad-free, affiliate-free search experience.It was said by former Google executives who created Neeva that we wanted a product that would serve our customers and that meant for us that we would never show ads.In a final revolt against his former employer, Sridhar Ramaswamy, who once headed Google’s $115b advertising arm, laid the foundation for a new search engine that shows neither ads nor profit from user data.If you’re curious to see how the neeva search engine compares to other search engines and whether it’s worth the investment, you can sign up for a free four-month trial without a credit card. It’s only $4.95 per month.


It is the best integration between search engine Brave, Private Search and a privacy browser. This search engine never tracks you or your queries.Brave Search says it’s impossible for us to share, sell or lose your data, because we don’t allow it to be collected in the first place. Search privately, search with confidence.This search engine is different. It gives results based on its own built-from-scratch index, so these search engines are not under any control.


This search engine started operations in November 1996.This search engine is a metasearch engine for information on the World Wide Web that derives its results from popular search engines like Google, Yahoo!,Yandex, Bing and other popular search engines.dogpile was created and developed by Aaron Flynn.Dogpile launched its “Search and Rescue” program in November 2008. This program donates money to charities related to animals and helps needy animals and inspires people to save animals. People using this search engine had contributed $100,000 to Dogpile’s search and rescue program as of December 2008.

These search engines are used all over the world. You must have liked these 21 search engines. Friends, do you not understand that there are only so many search engines in the world which have been shown by me in this post, then friends, this is your misunderstanding, there are still some search engines left which you may not know about.

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