Moon Knight Episode 4 Ending Explained 

Moon Knight Episode 4 Ending Explained
Moon Knight Episode 4 Ending Explained

Moon Knight Episode 4 Ending Explained

In this article we are going to tell you what happened at the end of Moon Knight Episode 4. After seeing some incidents at the end of Moon Night Episode 4, it is bound to raise questions in everyone’s mind. Because the events at the end of Moon Knight Episode 4 remain an enigma. However, this article can ease the questions arising in your mind. 

You must be aware that the name of the fourth episode of the show was “The Tomb”. And episode 4 was about the hospital. The show’s villain Arthur Harrow shoots Marc in the tomb of Alexander the Great. After being shot, Arthur Harrow thinks that Marc is now dead.

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But later it is revealed that Mark suddenly wakes up in a psychiatric hospital.  Also Marc’s love i.e. Layla is also present there. Layla is there as a fellow patient. And Arthur Harrow is present there as a chief doctor.

Moon Knight Episode 4 Ending Explained

At the same time, Marc learns of his alter-ego trapped in a coffin. In this way the pair re-appear in front of the audience. The pair then meet a high-speed hippo. This hippo is the goddess Taweret of Egypt.

Who was the god at the end of Moon Knight Episode 4?

Marc and his ego meet a hippo at the end of Moon Night Episode 4. This hippo is no ordinary hippo, but it is the goddess Taweret. Goddess Taweret is the ancient Egyptian goddess of fertility and childbirth. This goddess protects mothers and children.

Who is the God at the end of Moon Knight?

A hippopotamus will appear at the end of Moon Knight Episode 4. That hippopotamus is not just an ordinary hippopotamus, but Taweret, the goddess of Egypt.

Does Marc have a third personality?

Let’s try to know what the “Moon Knight” cinematographer said about this. “Moon Knight” cinematographer Gregory Middleton has not acknowledged that there is another person for Marc Spector and Steven Grant. But he said something which points towards this and he explains how it will be disclosed.

Gregory Middleton said that “I have read the whole story so I know till the end”. However, let us tell you that Mark has a third personality, the name of that personality is Jake Lockley.

Why does Moon Knight wear white?

The answer to this is a famous quote by Moon Knight. Just read it carefully. Moon Knight says that “I don’t wear white to hide myself, but I wear it so they see me coming. Then they’ll know who it is.” ‘Cause when they see white, It doesn’t matter how good a target I am.” Apart from this, Moon Knight has also said that “Their hands tremble so loudly that they will not hit the moon.”

What’s with the hippo in Moon Knight?

Goddess Taweret  is the goddess of fertility and childbirth of Egypt. Goddess Taweret looks like a hippopotamus but her hands are like the arms of a lion and her tail is like a crocodile. You can see it yourself in Episode 4 of Moon Knight.

Is Khonshu real?

Let us inform you that Khonshu is one of the heavenly Heliopolis gods. Khonshu is also known by other names such as Khons, The Pathfinder, The Embracer, Overnight Travelers Watchman and the Defender. If we enter history, Khonshu is counted among the greatest gods. He is an ancient Elder God who existed before Earth.

How old is Marc Spector?

The exact age of Marc Spector cannot be said clearly. But we can estimate that the age of Marc Spector i.e. Steven Grant will be around 37 to 38 years.

Is Moon Knight Cancelled?

Moon Knight premiered on 30 March 2022. This mini series will run till May 4 with six episodes.

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