Marina Mazenko Biography: Volleyball player, Age, Husband & Net Worth

Marina Mazenko Biography: Marina Mazenko is also known by the names Maryna Melnynchenko and Maryna Yuriyivna Mazenko. She is a famous Ukrainian volleyball player. Marina has gained a lot of fame as a volleyball player. She and her team have won many awards as well. Due to this reason, she always remains in the discussion. This Biography article is based on Marina Mazenko.

Marina Mazenko Biography
Marina Mazenko Biography (Source- Instagram)
NameMarina Mazenko
Date of birth7 May, 1998 Zhovtneve, Khmelnytsky Oblast (Ukraine)
Age24 years in 2022
OccupationVolleyball player

Marina Mazenko Biography

In this article, we have tried to give Complete information related to Marina, so if you want to get complete information about Marina Mazenko then you read this article completely. 

Who is Marina Mazenko?

The full name of Marina Mazenko is Maryna Yuriyivna Mazenko. Marina was born on May 7, 1998 in Zhovtneve, Khmelnytsky Oblast (Ukraine). She is best known as a Ukrainian volleyball player. she is a player of the Ukraine national team. Marina is the central inhibitor. The team whose player is Marina Mazenko is the bronze medalist of the team Ukrainian Cup (season 2014/15) And has also been a two-time silver medalist in the Ukrainian Cup (2016/17 and 2017/18). And also won a bronze medal in the Ukrainian Championship (season 2017/18). 

Marina Mazenko Family

Not much is known about Marina Mazenko’s family. Nevertheless, we are going to present the information that we have received in front of you. Her husband’s name is Bohdan Mazenko. He is also a volleyball player. However, let us tell you here that there is no information about Marina Majenko’s parents yet.

Marina Mazenko Physical Status

She is not behind her other fellow players even regarding her height. For example, If we talk about one of her fellow players, Yuliya Gerasymova, then her height is 185 cm. And on the other hand, if we talk about Marina’s height, then her height is 186 cm. Apart from this, if we talk about the weight of Marina Mazenko, then her weight is 72 kg.

Marina Mazenko Net Worth

Marina Mazenko is a Ukrainian volleyball player. Due to this her net worth is around $1-$2 million.

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Marina Mazenko Images

Marina Mazenko Images
Marina Mazenko Images (Instagram Image)
Marina Mazenko Images
Marina Mazenko Images (Instagram Image)

Marina Mazenko Social Media 

Marina is present on social media. You can find her on Instagram. She is present on Instagram under the name @maryna.mazenko_.

Marina Mazenko Wikipedia

Marina Mazenko who is known as a Ukrainian Volleyball player. She was born on May 7, 1998 in Zhovtneve, Khmelnytsky Oblast (Ukraine). Her age is 24 years in 2022. Mazenko has also received the Best Blocker award of the Ukrainian Championship (2017/2018). In the Marina Mazenko Biography Article, let us also tell you that the name of her husband is Bohdan Mazenko. He is a volleyball player. 

Marina Mazenko Husband

Marina Mazenko’s husband’s name is Bohdan Mazenko. Her husband Bohdan Mazenko is also a volleyball player. His weight is 92 kg and his height is 198 cm.

Marina Mazenko Early life

We are going to tell you about Marina Mazenko’s early life. Marina decided to go to Ternopil after 7th grade. The name of Marina’s first coach is Olga Pogoretskaya. Moving to Ternopil, she continued to play football in the double “Halychanka”. She had shown interest in playing for the youth national team of Ukraine. 

Marina Mazenko Career

Marina has been a core member of Ternopil’s Halichanka since 2014. She is recognized as the best blocked Ukrainian Super League in 2018. And tell you more in the Marina Mazenko biographical article that Marina spent one season in the Vinnitsa club. She decided to return to Ternopil for one season in the summer of 2019. She has also been a member of the 2021 European Championship. Plus let you know that the career journey of Marina Mazenko (a famous Ukrainian volleyball player) is still touching the heights.

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