Kevin Conroy Biography: Actor, Wife, Death, Age, Family, Net Worth & Background 

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Kevin Conroy Biography: Kevin Conroy was a famous voice actor. He had gained a good reputation in voice acting in a very short time. But it has to be informed with great sadness that now this actor is no more with us. the news of his death has come. His fans are deeply shocked by the news of his death. While his family members are immersed in deep mourning. To know more about Kevin Conroy, read Kevin Conroy Biography article completely.      

Kevin Conroy Biography
Kevin Conroy Biography

Who is Kevin Conroy? 

Kevin Conroy was a famous American voice actor best known for voicing the caped crusader in Batman: The Animated Series. In addition, he also provided the voice for many roles in films and video games. He was born on 30 November 1955 in Westbury, New York, U.S. 

Kevin Conroy Death

According to Wikipedia, Kevin Conroy was suffering from cancer. And due to this cancer, he died on 10 November 2022. He was 66 years old at the time of his death.                        

Kevin Conroy Biography        

NameKevin Conroy  
Nick NameKevin       
Date of birth30 November 1995
Age66 years
Birth PlaceNew York, U.S
OccupationVoice Actor
Death Date              10 November 2022 

Kevin Conroy Family 

Kevin Conroy was married to Vaughn C. Williams. Kevin also has a brother and a sister named Tom and Trisha respectively. 

SpouseVaughn C. Williams (Husband)
SiblingsTom and Trisha

Kevin Conroy Net Worth

Kevin Conroy Net Worth
Kevin Conroy Net Worth

Celebritynetworth reports that Kevin Conroy’s net worth is $10 million.         

Net worth$10 Million

Kevin Conroy Social Media

You can easily find Kevin Conroy’s Facebook account. There are still more than 16000 followers on his Facebook. Apart from this, we also found his Instagram and Twitter. 

Kevin Conroy FacebookReal Kevin Conroy
Kevin Conroy Twitter@RealKevinConroy
Kevin Conroy Instagramrealkevinconroy6

Kevin Conroy Wikipedia 

Kevin Conroy was the actor who played the most role in the Dark Knight in the history of 8 decades. He voiced Batman in Bat Man-The Animated Series (1992–1996) which earned him the most fame.  

Kevin Conroy Background 

He was born in New York USA into a Catholic family. According to, Kevin Conroy began as a novice in voice acting as he had no background in the field. Despite this, he emerged as the best voice actor.                                    

Kevin Conroy Career 

Kevin Conroy Career
Kevin Conroy Career

Kevin had a high flight in his career as a voice actor. Seeing such talent in his voice acting, veterans like Hamill and Warner Bros Animation also could not stop themselves from praising him.         

Kevin Conroy Husband

Kevin Conroy’s marriage was gay. For this reason, his husband’s name is Vaughn C. Williams.  

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FAQ About Kevin Conroy

  • How old was Kevin Conroy at the time of his death? 

    Kevin Conroy was 66 years old at the time of his death. 

  • Does Kevin Conroy have a husband?

    The name of Kevin Conroy’s husband is Vaughn C. Williams. 

  • How did Kevin Conroy pass away?

    Kevin Conroy died due to a disease called cancer.

  • When did Kevin Conroy die? 

    Kevin Conroy died on 10 November 2022. 

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