Jada Pinkett Smith is Abusing Will Smith and Comes Down on the Threat to Divorce Him

American actress Jada Pinkett Smith has reportedly threatened to divorce Will Smith because Will Smith slapped Chris Rock at Oscar 2022. The slap was because Chris Rock tried to make fun of Will Smith’s wife’s hair, which Will Smith did not like. Let us inform you here that Jada Pinkett Smith’s hair has fallen due to alopecia.

Jada Pinkett Smith is Abusing Will Smith and Comes Down on the Threat to Divorce Him
Jada Pinkett Smith is Abusing Will Smith and Comes Down on the Threat to Divorce Him

Jada Pinkett Smith is Abusing Will Smith and Comes Down on the Threat to Divorce Him

Will Smith slapping Chris Rock
Will Smith slapping Chris Rock

According to the information, on April 18, the National Enquirer argued that Jada Pinkett Smith has sought professional help from her husband for his anger or else she can file a divorce. Jada Pinkett Smith believes that her husband is unable to stop the anger and he does anything without thinking.

According to the information, Will Smith gets very angry and this anger has been there for years and it has also taken the form of a problem. This anger took the form of a major strike when Jada Pinkett Smith’s affair with August Alsina became public.

And celebrities like Chris Rock were joking about how much Will Smith exposed himself. The Aladdin actor has revealed that when Will Smith was 9 years old, he saw his mother being beaten up by his father.

Chris Rock
Chris Rock

A doctor told the tabloids that Will Smith’s irritable behaviour may have been due to the fact that he grew up in a harmful and painful upbringing. In this case, doctors give their opinion that the effects of harmful or painful parenting can be seen in adulthood.

A person with a traumatic upbringing sees his relationships exactly as he saw during his own upbringing. Will Smith got so angry when Chris Rock made fun of Jada Pinkett Smith that he slapped Chris Rock. It was not expected at all that Will Smith would slap Chris Rock in response.

But Will Smith did it. The psychologist proceeds by saying that Will Smith’s current behaviour reflects the trauma of his childhood, a childhood that must have been traumatic. A psychologist also says with the claim that what Will Smith saw or experienced in childhood, its effect is being seen in the behaviour of the present.

Apart from this, psychologists also say that when a grown man is left staring at his mother, that too in a situation when his mother has been harmed emotionally, physically and mentally and that woman is respected by that person. then that person feels very insulted.

And in such a situation, an inner teenager arises inside that person, that is, a situation that reacts without thinking. It is true that Will Smith’s traumatic puberty had a negative impact on his life. But Jada Pinkett Smith doesn’t force her husband to seek expert help in communicating anger issues.

Let us tell you that the return of Will Smith is not possible even in the coming months and years. Because he has been kept out of the Oscars for a whole decade. Let us tell you that Jada Pinkett Smith has made it clear that she will remain in favor of Will Smith even after the defeat.

As you know, Will Smith got angry and slapped Chris Rock when he made fun of Jada Pinkett Smith’s hair status. Because of this, things seem to be slipping more from Will Smith’s hands. Because now they may have to face more humiliation.

Also, let us tell you that August Alsina (American Singer) has released a new song, due to which Will Smith is upset because August Alsina has given information about her relationship with Jada Pinkett Smith in that song.

Worst Words You Could Call Derogatory or Toxic All these words are raining down on Jada Pinkett Smith. That’s because Jada Pinkett Smith misbehaves with Will Smith. Although it may be true that Will Smith’s painful youth is the reason for his irritability.

But people are not even shying away from the fact that Jada Pinkett is also involved in making Will Smith irritable. At the same time, this actor is facing a lot of problems. Although Will Smith has apologized to Chris Rock. Nevertheless, Will Smith has had to lose his future projects.

It has been reported that Netflix has decided to put Fast & Loose, a film by Will Smith, on hold. But there is no information about what their next strategy is.

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