Best 8 Highest Paying Marketing Jobs

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Highest Paying Marketing Jobs
Highest Paying Marketing Jobs

Highest Paying Marketing Jobs

Do you consider yourself good for marketing jobs or do you have the qualities of marketing jobs. So this article can be very beneficial for you because in this article we are going to tell you about the Highest Paying Marketing Jobs. Before that, make you aware of marketing a little bit. Let us tell you that marketing is becoming uncountable in the ever-evolving industries.

As you may be aware, every year, new Technologies and new markets are born along with new social trends for designing advertising and marketing strategies. Thus you can understand that there is a treasure trove inside this area which is constantly being generated for people with diverse skill backgrounds ranging from technology to arts.

The most important feature of this job is that you will not always need a degree to go into this marketing job or to enter this job. The academic degree you have, unlike fields like medicine or engineering. That academic degree has nothing to do with what you are doing in your job.

And one more thing to know is that if you are stepping into marketing for the first time, then you will already see a relatively competitive salary in an entry level marketing position. According to sources, the average base annual salary for marketing assistants is between $32,000 and $55,000.

But if we talk about the top person in this profession, then you can take for example a senior principal manager. The average annual salary of a Senior Principal Manager is between $73,000 and 141,000. Another thing to know is that the profession of advertising and marketing is also seeing expansion on top of the possibility of salary increase.

This has been confirmed by the Labor Statistics Bureau itself. Labor Statistics Bureau has reported that employment for marketing, promotion, and advertising managers could grow by 10% between 2016 and 2026. So this growth is much faster than other businesses.

What Kind of Marketing Jobs Might Be Suitable For You?

After knowing a little bit about marketing. Now let’s talk about what kind of marketing job can be right for you. So let us tell you that there can be a diversity in the field of marketing with the need of skills ranging from graphic design to excel number crunching. Along with channel marketing, content marketing, product marketing and digital marketing, there are many different roles in marketing to suit your interests and skills.

But the thing to know is that a market research analyst and a creative director can be part of the same marketing department. At the same time, their daily duties and skills cannot be seen ahead of each other. Below are a few jobs for you, each with a wide skill set. In addition, these jobs also have the potential for high salaries.

Global Marketing Manager

Global Marketing Manager
Global Marketing Manager

These professionals are known to handle the marketing interests of the company abroad. The duties of a Global Marketing Manager include launching a product, promoting it, identifying new markets and determining which market can be most effective in generating the most sales. But the thing to note here is that these tasks may seem simple to you externally but they are very difficult.

Mistakes have also been seen from many international marketing campaigns. Mistakes can happen, especially with translation errors. Let us tell you that when KFC showed interest in opening its first Chinese restaurant, the famous “Finger-lickin’ good” slogan was mistranslated as “Eat your fingers off”. The pay range salary of a Global Marketing Manager is $75,000 – $137,000.

Creative Director

These professionals are particularly known for making high level decisions. In addition, a Creative Director plays an important role in overseeing those decisions as well as the creation of creative assets such as products, logos, events, advertisements. Let us tell you that industries like film, music, video games, entertainment and graphic design require a creative director.

Apart from this, these professionals are also needed in software development and web development. These professionals can also take on the role of lead designer or copywriter if they so desire. The Pay Range Salary of Creative Director is $86,000 – $200,000.

Channel Development Executive

These professionals are responsible for planning, directing and objectives of all aspects of an organization’s channel development policies and initiatives. In addition, the Channel Development Executive plays a vital role in developing, implementing sales strategies with partner channels to meet sales goals and maximize revenue.

These professionals understand the duties of a top channel development executive and are skilled in representing the company in reseller/channel activities. Also usually reporting to the top management is also included in the duties of these professionals.

If you want to become a top channel development executive then you should have more than 8 years of manageable experience. The Pay Range Salary of Channel Development Executive is $50,000 – $110,000.

Marketing Analyst

Marketing Analyst
Marketing Analyst

Marketing Analyst is primarily known for studying market conditions to assess the potential sales of services and products. A good successful market analyst is proficient in analyzing trends, strategies, qualitative data with the aim of increasing competitiveness.

These professionals help the company determine which products are in high demand right now. Who will buy the products and what is the price they have agreed to pay. The Pay Range Salary of Marketing Analyst is $44,000 – $75,000.

Product Marketing Manager

A Product Marketing Manager is known as a Promoter, Seller and Researcher. These professionals are responsible for bringing various features of a product to the market. Let us tell you that the need for such roles is felt in the technical industries. A Product Marketing Manager needs to have a good understanding of the functions and capabilities of his products.

In addition, the duties of these professionals include promoting and launching a product. These managers are skilled in managing the large marketing teams below them. The Pay Range Salary of Product Marketing Manager is $80,000 – $144,000.

Digital Marketing Manager

Digital Marketing Managers play an important role in the implementation, management and development of marketing campaigns promoting a company and its products/services. The duties of these professionals include evaluating and identifying new digital technologies. Apart from this, these professionals spend most of their time within the digital space to increase brand awareness, acquire leads or customers, drive website traffic, etc.

And these professionals use web analytics tools to measure site traffic, better optimize email marketing, performance, search advertising, and marketing campaigns. The Pay Range Salary of Digital Marketing Manager is $51,000 – $103,000.

Chief Marketing Officer

These professionals are known to handle the entire marketing activities along with the advertising activities. A chief marketing officer uses most of his attention and time to increase the company’s sales through advertising and effective marketing. Apart from this, these professionals typically spend their entire time doing market research, marketing budget management, managing subcontractors, managing the roll out of advertising campaigns, etc. The Pay Range Salary of Chief Marketing Officer is $93,000 – $340,000.

Content Marketing Manager

Content Marketing Manager
Content Marketing Manager

These professionals are known to shoulder the responsibility of marketing materials placed by a company. That marketing material includes for example videos and blog posts. A Content Marketing Manager should have editing skills, good SEO knowledge and good writing skills. These professionals are often responsible for shaping the content marketing vision of a company.

Apart from these skills, it is even better if the Content Marketing Manager is a good communicator. Because these professionals often need to approach subcontractors and freelancers. And they work for the purpose of communicating the vision of the company. The Pay Range Salary of Content Marketing Manager is $55,000 – $113,000.

Advice for marketing job

Have you liked any area of marketing and that area appeals to you ? So don’t wait, make that area your own. Either way, go for the degree that can help you in that field. Also, let us tell you that there are many entry levels in the field of marketing. These levels range from social media to advertising.

There are also some entry points that can prove to be important in providing you with the experience and valuable skills needed to move forward. So if you have good communication skills, hard work and creativity, then you can make a good place in this field.

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