19 Best types Highest Paying Jobs in South Korea (Complete Guide)

Through this article, you have been told about the high-paying jobs in Korea (South). In this post, along with the jobs, the approximate salary has also been told. Although the figures of salary become more or less according to the time. We wish you a good future and career. According to the country and the state, the salary figures work even more. Ascending order or descending order is not taken care of in the given jobs. 

Highest Paying Jobs in South Korea
Highest Paying Jobs in South Korea

Highest Paying Jobs in South Korea

Sales manager job

The sales manager always informs the customers about the company’s products. The sales manager sets a goal for the sale of the company’s products. Apart from this, these professionals also solve sales complaints and analyze sales figures.

Sales manager Average salary in South Korea : 82,488,675 KRW yearly. 

Cloud Engineer job

Under the Cloud Engineer job is the application of engineering disciplines to cloud computing. Cloud Engineers always work as a team. o isle alaba | The cloud as a team drives the platform design and architectural transformation with the consensus of the engineering team. Cloud computing brings a systematic approach to the concerns of commercialization, standardization and governance of applications. In this, every work is given meticulous attention. 

Cloud Engineer average salary in South Korea: 61,392,774 KRW yearly.  

Software Developer job

Software Developer
Software Developer

Under Software Developer, work related to technology has to be done. Software developers use programming language and coding. Software developer is called a computer programmer. Sometimes called a software developer, a programmer or more recently a coder. A Software Developer is a person who creates computer software. Software developer writes code for many types of software and apps. 

Software Developer Average Salary in South Korea : 59,782,160 KRW yearly.

Surgeons / Doctors job

The work of surgeons is risky. No person becomes a surgeon after many years of hard work. Surgeon is a high paid career. A surgeon involves high risk in the profession, so it includes high payments.

Surgeons Average Salary in South Korea: 149,000,020 KRW yearly.  

Doctors’ Average Salary in South Korea : 110,000,010 KRW yearly.  

Judges job

There are judges after many legal studies of many types. Judges have great responsibilities in the job. That’s why Judges get good ingredients. According to crime, deciding to someone’s fate is not an easy task and high wages are completely reasonable. 

Judges’ average salary in South Korea: 19,052,674 KRW yearly.  

 Lawyers job

A good lawyer can save you from punishment. A good lawyer solves the case of your customers legally. Collect evidence and not easy to present them in front of the judge. Therefore Lawyer’s salary remains high.

Lawyers average salary in South Korea : 82,640,407 KRW yearly.

Bank Managers job

There are many types of responsibilities in the job of Bank Managers. There is an exchange of money under this job. Being in charge of crores in money and investments with all the associated risks, the salary in this job is high.

Chief Executive Officers job

Chief Executive Officers have the biggest hand in bringing a company to success. CEOs can also fail an organization. The CEO is responsible for the overall success of a business unit or other organization and for making top-level managerial decisions. The Chief Executive Officers are accountable to the company. This work is done by meditation and perseverance. That’s why the salary of Chief Executive Officers is high.

Chief Executive Officers average salary in South Korea: 105,000,010 KRW yearly.

Chief Financial Officers job

The Chief Financial Officer has the primary responsibility of managing the company’s finances, including managing risks, record keeping and financial reporting. The Chief Financial Officer has many responsibilities regarding the company. Regarding the management of money in an organization, the salary of the caregiver is high.

Chief Financial Officers average salary in South Korea: 103,000,020 KRW yearly. 

Computer Systems Analyst job

Computer Systems Analyst helps companies or other organizations to work with computer technology easily and efficiently. Computer Systems Analysts always use new technology, so that good profit can be made. Profit loss analysis etc. Due to this work being technical, its salary is also high. 

Computer Systems Analyst average salary in South Korea: 57,703,274 KRW yearly.  

Orthodontists job


Orthodontists focus on dental disease. Under this, the curvature of the dentin is removed. Orthodontists are dentists who focus on correcting irregularities in the teeth and jaw. Orthodontists straighten teeth and help correct problems like overbite and underbite. This work is done very carefully. Since this job is risky, its pay remains high. 

Orthodontists average salary in South Korea : 129,785,308 KRW yearly. 

College Professors job

It is not easy to become a college professor. The responsibilities of a college professor is to think about the future of the student. College professors are among the highest earning prestigious careers. It takes many years of hard work to become a college professor. That’s why the salary of a college professor is high. 

College Professors average salary in South Korea : 70,500 AUD yearly. 

Pilots job

Pilots go through rigorous training programs, then make pilots. Under Pilot Career, there are responsibilities for the safety of thousands of people every day. Pilot career is full of enthusiasm every day. 

Pilots average average salary in South Korea : 80,300,010 KRW yearly. 

Marketing Manager job

The job of a marketing manager is to promote a business, product or service. The job of a marketing manager is to plan activities including launches, advertising, email campaigns, events, and social media. There are risks and responsibilities under this work, which is why the salary of a Marketing Manager is high. 

Marketing Manager average salary in South Korea : 78,672,735 KRW yearly.

Physician Assistant job

The work of Physician Assistant is like that of a doctor. Physician assistant diagnoses diseases, explains treatment plans. Most of the Physician Assistants work with the doctor. A license is required for this work in most states. Physician assistants assist with surgeries, perform procedures, and guide patients. Supporting the surgeon and providing good treatment is a big responsibility. That’s why the salary of Physician Assistant remains high. 

Physician Assistant average salary in South Korea : 74,900,010 KRW yearly.

Data Scientist job

Computer programming skills are required under Data Scientist. Data Scientist is a responsible job. Data Scientist requires huge amount of data to develop hypotheses, estimate and analyze customer and market trends. The data scientist role is a branch of many traditional technical roles, including mathematician, scientist, statistician and computer professional. This task requires the use of advanced analytics techniques, including machine learning and predictive modeling. This is the reason that the salary of Data Scientist is high. 

Data Scientist average salary in South Korea : 3,760,020 KPW yearly.

Dentist job

Dentist is recognized as a doctor. Dentists identify and treat problems related to the patient’s mouth, gums and teeth. The job of a dentist includes extracting teeth, fitting dentures and filling cavities. Dentist straightens the teeth. Dentists correct the problems related to teeth. This work remains risky for the Dentist. Dentists do it with great care and responsibility. Dentist salary is therefore high. 

Dentist average salary in South Korea: 112,000,010 KRW yearly.

Veterinarian job

Veterinarians are involved in the care, diagnosis and treatment of animals. Can care for wounds, vaccinate against diseases, and prescribe medicines. Treating animals in this way is a risky act. That’s why the salary of a Veterinarian is high. 

Veterinarian average salary in South Korea : 58,400,010 KRW yearly. 

Physical Therapist Assistant job

Under the Physical Therapist Assistant, the patients have to take care after the injury has been cured. Physical Therapist Assistants help patients regain walking and manage pain after injuries and illnesses and supervise aides. Physical Therapist Assistant works with responsibilities, so their salary is high. 

Physical Therapist Assistant average salary in South Korea : 80,200,020 KRW yearly.  

Salary source: salary tools

Best Paying jobs 

(1) Management (2) Marketing

Note-Information about jobs is given in the article. Information about the estimated salary of the jobs is also given. That salary can vary according to your state and work. We hope that you will like the given information. You can share this article to your friends on Facebook, WhatsApp and other social media as well. Thank you !

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