Average Doctor Salary

Average Doctor salary
Average Doctor salary

Average Doctor salary

High school students or high school alumni who are thinking of becoming a doctor. Have you ever thought how beneficial this move can be for them? If you have not thought about it, then today we have brought a similar post for you, which can prove beneficial in your thinking.

Sometimes one wonders whether doctors with high demand or challenging medical conditions can make good money. Almost everything cannot be achieved on the basis of money, so if you make decisions on the basis of money then avoid making such mistakes because people have to put in hard struggle, time and money to reach there.

Apart from the earning of a doctor, many such thoughts will be in your mind like competition of the field, how much time training and its type as well as difficulty and balance in doctor life etc. And yes, how much can one earn by becoming a doctor.

Doctor Salaries 

Doctor Salaries
Doctor Salaries

According to a Physicians Compensation Report 2020, the income of physicians is witnessing a significant increase. (PCP) means primary care physicians earned an average of $243,000 in 2020, while specialists earned an even higher average of $346,000.

The surgeons top the list are orthopedic surgeons, who earn an average of $511,000 per year, followed by plastic surgeons who earn an average of $479,000 per year. And at the bottom of the list are public health and preventive medicine professionals who earn close to $200,000 per year. As you can see there are huge differences between them. As much as the success in the career, like if you have been in this career for 30 to 40 years, then you can move towards increasing your income by an additional one hundred thousand dollars in a year.

Note: Don’t assume that if you are going to ortho then directly you are going to make five lakhs. And it does not mean that if you are going into pediatrics then you are moving towards earning two lakhs. Because that is not possible. Everything, the facilities provided by you, the treatment done by you and your experience also make a special contribution in this and if you are weak in this then fluctuations in your salary can be seen. Only a well experienced person with passion and understanding towards work can make good money.


Considerations When Choosing a Career

While salary is also important, there are other considerations as well, such as how to strike a work-life balance. How will you find time for friends, family and your hobbies when you become a doctor? Below are some of the factors to keep in mind while choosing a medical specialty –

Access to Patients – Some types of clinical medicine is also practiced by the doctors. They spend a lot of their time charting patients, observing patients as well as doing mental efforts like thinking more about patients etc. and this includes being on-call all the time. Thus you can see that all the features may not be equally in demand.

Medical training – If you talk about the length and type of training time then if you want to go in a field like pediatrics then three years residency is required for that and if you want to go in field like neurosurgery then seven years for that Year-round training program is required.

Medical Specialty Competitiveness – There are only 136 openings available per year in the United States! That is for Interventional Radiology. While the number of Anesthesiology openings per year is 1804..

Interest in Research – Are you one of those who have a desire to pursue academic research? So it can significantly affect the number of presentations, papers, publications, and conferences you attend throughout your career.

Favorite Location – It comes down to where you would like to live? Would it be better for you to stay in a busy hospital or work in a comfortable office in a rural clinic or a major medical centre? A high tension operating room or a quiet exam room, which one would you prefer?

Something that you need to know

In particular, many medical school applicants have medical school loans and graduate loans. Also, the loan is deferred by them while they are in school, so they can’t start paying it off for a while. But as premade residents do, they “only” make between $40k to $70k.

But it has been observed in particular that an electrician can earn a higher net income than a doctor in the first 26 years of his life after high school.

But those who are patient can earn up to $12 million more in a doctor’s career. Here is the annual salary of the most common medical specialties.

Surgery, General – $364,000

Urology – $417,000

Radiology – $427,000

Rheumatology – $262,000

Public Health & Preventive Medicine – $232,000

Pulmonary Medicine – $342,000

Plastic Surgery – $479,000

Psychiatry – $268,000

Pediatrics – $232,000

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation – $308,000

Otolaryngology – $455,000

Pathology – $318,000

Ophthalmology – $378,000

Orthopedics – $511,000

Ob/Gyn – $308,000

Oncology – $377,000

Allergy & Immunology – $301,000

Nephrology – $306,000

Neurology – $280,000

Infectious Diseases –$ 246,000

Internal Medicine – $251,000

Family Medicine – $234,000

Gastroenterology – $419,000

Diabetes & Endocrinology – $236,000

Emergency Medicine – $357,000

Critical Care – $355,000

Dermatology – $411,000

Anesthesiology – $398,000

Cardiology – $438,000

Best Paying jobs 

Technology JobsInsurance
Public RelationsProcurement
EnergyQuality Control
Sales Real Estate 
Legal Import/Export
Human ResourcesHospitality 
Healthcare SupportEngineering
EngineeringSales And Marketing
Counseling Aviation
Creative And MediaSocial Services
Maintenance And RepairConstruction

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Note-Information about jobs is given in the article. Information about the estimated salary of the jobs is also given. That salary can vary according to your state and work. We hope that you will like the given information. You can share this article to your friends on Facebook, Whatsapp and other social media as well. Thank you !

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