The Inspiring Story of World’s Most Beautiful Footballer Ana Maria Markovic

Ana Maria Markovic is a famous Croatian footballer who is one of the rising women, not only that she has a respect for women in her own right. She plays as a forward for Swiss Women’s Super League club Grasshoppers and the Croatia national team.

Who is Ana Maria Marković ?
Who is Ana Maria Marković ? (instagram image)

Who is Ana Maria Marković?

Croatia’s Ana Maria Markovic may be known as the ‘world’s most beautiful footballer’ but she doesn’t like to be called sexy. As quoted by Daily Mail. The biggest reason for this is that she receives a lot of unwanted messages from people through her social media. Ana has more than 800k followers on Instagram and she is a footballer from Croatia and club Grasshopper.

What is the Ana Maria Marković Biography ?

Ana Maria Markovic is one of the greatest Croatian football players who launched Outkick as a virtual unknown on the international stage via a daytime screen capture in April. Ana Maria Markovic has spent the past few months trying to acquire a massive Instagram account. Really fighting against all. It’s not just news organizations that have labeled her “sexy.” Which they don’t like at all.

Ana Maria Markovic was born on 9 November 1999. And talking about her height, her height is 173 cm and she likes to wear number 7 jersey. The 23-year-old Markovic, who has been dubbed “the most beautiful footballer in the world” by a European tabloid, told a German publication that when the word “sexy” is used, she doesn’t like it at all.

Markovic, who competes for the Grasshoppers in the Swiss women’s top division, said in an interview with Germany’s 20-22 Minutes that “I enjoyed the stories I’ve heard about the most fascinating football and one of the most beautiful stories”. ” I’m beautiful, I feel good.”

Markovic, the world’s most beautiful footballer, says she would like to complete her degree before going further abroad as her education is yet to be completed. Ana Maria Markovic says sport comes first in her life. Furthermore, Ana claims that if she had to choose between modeling in Milan and participating in the Premier League, she would still choose a football career.

Ana Maria Marković’s personal Information

NickName– Her name is Ana Maria Marković.

Full Name– Her full name is Ana Maria Marković.

Date of Birth– Her date of birth is 9 November 1999.

Age– Her Age is 23 years old (As of 2022).

Birth Place– Her Birth place is Croatia .

Gender– Her Gender is Female.

Occupation– Her occupation is footballer.

Nationality– Her nationality is Croatian.

What is Ana Maria Marković’s family background ?

Ana Maria Markovic is a football player from Croatia and currently plays as a forward for both the Croatian national team and Swiss Women’s Super League club Grasshoppers. Markovic started playing football in Switzerland only at the age of 14-15. And she claimed that the emergence of women’s football inspired her to start.

Ana Maria Markovic is known as the most attractive footballer in the world. Who is turning 22 in the year 2022. Markovic has shot to social media fame this year after seeing her Instagram following reach one million followers in the last about six months. Which is a matter of great pride for her.

Ana was born on 9 November 1999 in Split, Croatia to Croatian parents. She never disclosed their name and her education. She is not the only child in her family as she also has a sister, Kiki Markovic. Both the sisters are very close to each other. They love each other a lot too. Kiki is also a great athlete and plays for the Croatian national team.

Is ana Maria Markovic married?

She is not married or engaged to anyone yet. And according to the sources, she is not even dating anyone at the moment. Nor is she looking forward to anyone. So for now it is safe to say that she is only focusing on her career. And giving all her love and attention to football.

What is the physical status of Ana Maria Markovic?

Height – The total height of Ana Maria Markovic is 173 cm i.e. 1.73 m.

Weight – Ana Maria Markovic total weight is also about 57 kg.

Hair color– Ana Maria Markovic’s hair color is brown. 

Eye color–  The Eye color is also dark brown which looks very beautiful.

What is the net worth of Ana Maria Markovic?

Talking about Ana Maria Marković, she has an estimated net worth of over $2 million dollars. And she has also accumulated a net worth of around $2 million dollars in the last few years.

What is the Ana Maria Marković Career ?

Talking about Ana Maria’s career, she was very fond of playing football since the age of just 14. Ana Maria says she started playing when she saw that women’s football was growing more and more. Also due to some men’s football matches, especially when Cristiano Ronaldo was playing.

Ana Maria previously played in little-known amateur clubs. Why started as a hobby first but then she turned her full attention towards improving herself, got the support of her family and her relatives. And she slowly progressed and she says she always wanted to do what she loved most – scoring goals.

It didn’t take long for the Grasshopper striker to attract the attention of the Croatian association. They say that I already had a Croatian deposit and the staff of the national team contacted me, they told me that she had the opportunity to play for the Croatian national team and she didn’t hesitate for a moment. And they say that there was something in her life that filled him with pride and great inspiration.

Ana Maria, 22, who has scored nine goals for her club this season, is one of my favorite players in the world. Ana Maria’s favorite player is Cristiano Ronaldo, and she always will be. What she has done and continues to do throughout his football career is impressive and unbelievable. However, Ana Maria also has a favorite Croatian player, Luka Modric.

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Does Ana Maria Marković use social media?

Markovic is known as the most beautiful footballer in the world. She has hundreds of millions of followers on Instagram where she regularly shares insights into life as a Grasshopper star. But her time on social media hasn’t always been easy, with Markovic also talking about the sexist backlash she’s received during an interview with a Swiss newspaper.

Ana Maria Marković Images

Ana Maria Marković Images
Ana Maria Marković Images (instagram image)
Ana Maria Marković Images
Ana Maria Marković Images (instagram image)

FAQ About Ana Maria Marković

  • Who is Ana Maria Marković?

    Ana Maria Marković is a footballer.

  • What is the names of Ana Maria Marković’s sister?

    Ana Maria Marković’s sister’s name is Kiki Marković.

  • When is Ana Maria Marković’s birthday?

    Ana Maria Marković’s birthday is on 9 November 1999.

  • How old is Ana Maria Markovic?

    Ana Maria Marković is 23 years old as of 2022.

  • How tall is Ana Maria Markovic?

    The height of Ana Maria Markovic is 173 cm i.e. 5 feet 8 inches.

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