20 Best US based Crypto Exchange in 2022

20 Best US based Crypto Exchange in 2022
20 Best US based Crypto Exchange in 2022

US based Crypto Exchange

What is a Crypto Exchange?

Crypto exchanges is a term that not everyone is familiar with. Crypto exchanges are platforms that allow users to trade digital currencies for other assets. This includes cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin and more. Regular currencies such as the dollar and the euro are included. At present, many types of marketing are going on in the internet world.

A cryptocurrency exchange is a service for changing digital currencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more, to fiat (paper) currencies or for other digital currencies. At Coinmama, you can exchange your fiat currency, such as dollars or Euro, for several cryptocurrencies. You can also exchange your Bitcoin for fiat. Let’s try to understand it.

Exchanges are an essential part of the crypto ecosystem as most traditional investment firms do not offer cryptocurrencies in their portfolios. Without exchanges, you would have to find someone else willing to trade crypto and agree on an exchange rate. Then, you have to send the coins directly to each other’s cryptocurrency wallets – a somewhat complicated process.

At present, there is talk of Cryptocurrency everywhere. This is why cryptocurrency has become popular globally, and crypto exchanges are doing their best to keep up with this growth. It is really very important for all the people to be aware of this. However, before you invest in cryptocurrencies, you will need to find a proper crypto exchange that suits your demands.

This will increase your experience. For those living in the US, we are going to introduce you to a US-based cryptocurrency trading platform.

1. CEX.io

CEX.io is a platform related to Crypto Exchange. The biggest thing is that it is also one of the most prominent cryptocurrency platforms. Also CEX.io is rated the 3rd best US crypto exchange. Among the many websites that provide bitcoin exchange services, CEX.IO has an entire ecosystem of products and services that allow clients to connect to the decentralized economy from various aspects.

CEX.IO’s positive reputation and market duration make it a trust worthy of customers around the world. With a client base of over 4,000,000, the platform is recognized as the trading company that can be trusted. The biggest advantage at CEX.io is enabling users to buy bitcoin, ethereum, and other altcoins using a debit or credit card.

It is probably popular for these reasons. Many people join Affiliate Program in this platform.

2. Coinbase

Many people around the world are exchanging cryptocurrency. If you are thinking of cryptocurrency exchange then Coinbase will be best for you. It is known as one of the largest US cryptocurrency exchange. Its headquarter is located in San Francisco. Coinbase has become the most important US crypto exchange in the world. Due to this people’s trust has also been added. Coinbase has always been known for cryptocurrency.

Buying Litecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum and all other coins at Coinbase is made easy. There are many benefits of creating an account here. When your account is created on Coinbase, the platform will give you a free sign up bonus of ten dollars. In this way all the work is made easy. In addition, you can also buy crypto on Coinbase via bank transfer, debit card, credit card, or even SEPA transfer.

Coinbase is the best US based crypto exchange. Most of the people know about it. Millions of people around the world are using Coinbase to exchange their cryptocurrencies. Coinbase has become popular with people.

2. Coinbase

3. Changelly

There are many cryptocurrency trading platforms around the world. Changelly is also a US based cryptocurrency trading platform. This platform has also become popular. Which enables users to quickly and efficiently trade between diverse digital coins. This platform is related to cryptocurrency. You are not required to register or verify your identity before you can start selling on this platform. Although there are many such platforms on the Internet.

On Changelly, users are given access to over one hundred and forty different digital coins. In this way people get ease of doing business. There are a lot of cryptocurrencies available to exchange I. This is the best US based crypto exchange. And users can create their own trading pairs with any of the available cryptocurrencies.

That’s why the Changelly platform is popular.

4. Kraken

Kraken is known as a platform related to Crypto. Kraken is headquartered in San Francisco, and was founded in 2011. Kraken offers users the opportunity to trade between Canadian Dollar, Bitcoin, British Pound, Japanese Yen, Euro and US Dollar. Due to this the task has been made easy for the users. There are ways to make it work. which makes it easy.

 Kraken has low transaction fees and minimal deposit fees. Its payment methods are limited. That’s why it is popular.

5. eToro

eToro is an Israeli social trading and multi-asset brokerage company focused on providing financial and copy trading services such as forex and crypto. The first thing to note about this best US based crypto exchange is that it is a versatile trading platform that allows users to trade stocks, virtual coins, commodities and even ETFs.

Millions of people use the eToro platform. It has registered offices in Cyprus, United Kingdom, United States of America and Australia. Its many things make it popular. This platform has proved to be very helpful for the people.

It acts as a social investment platform and has an excellent reputation. eToro supports almost all payment methods ranging from fiat currencies and PayPal, Yandex and even bank transfer.

Working on this platform is also easy. Many such things make it popular. And it is considered a good platform related to crypto.

6. Coinmama

The Coinmama platform deals with cryptocurrency. Coinmama is one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges that enables users to buy and sell digital coins using their credit card or bank transfer. Coinmama was established in 2013 and has grown prominently to serve over two million customers.

Coinmama is a leading cryptocurrency brokerage company that allows you to buy a wide variety of cryptocurrencies with your credit card via wire transfer (SWIFT, SEPA, Fedwire, FasterPayments and Sofort) as well as Apple Pay.

It is a simple exchange and makes the ideal platform for safe, secure and fast transactions. That’s why it is popular.

7. LocalBitcoins

LocalBitcoins is a peer-to-peer bitcoin exchange platform based in Helsinki, Finland. Its service facilitates over-the-counter trading of the local currency for bitcoin. LocalBitcoins operates as a decentralized exchange that facilitates peer-to-peer bitcoin sales. Users post advertisements on the website, where they explain the exchange rate and payment methods to buy or sell bitcoins.

Millions of people are using this platform. It also allows users to make purchases through multiple payment methods. There is no limit on its buying and selling. It enables users to list their purchases and merchandise ads. Millions of people are denying business here.

Users can use the site to interact with potential buyers and sellers. It’s easy to work on. It enables private shopping and can be used globally. It becomes popular due to many such reasons.

8. BitQuick

BitQuick platform is related to Crypto. BitQuick itself enables BitQuick users to make instant buying and selling in their bitcoin marketplace. In addition, buyers can directly connect with sellers through cash deposits or SEPA transfers. In this way it is also easy in many ways. BitQuick is a unique bitcoin exchange in which the only deposit method to buy and sell bitcoins is cash.

The company was first established in 2013 under the name “BuyBitcoins.us”, but has since changed to “BitQuick”. The company is based in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States and only operates between 49 states in the US.

The biggest difference between BitQuick and other exchanges is that it only accepts cash. The BitQuick platform is spread across multiple states. Because of this it has become popular.

9. Gemini

Gemini Trust Company, LLC is a cryptocurrency exchange and custodian. It is a reliable platform. Millions of people are working from here. As one of the best US based crypto exchange, Gemini is well known as a computerized asset exchange and custodian established in 2014. Gemini allows customers to buy, sell and store digital assets.

It is a New York trust company controlled by the New York State Department of Financial Services and was founded in 2014 by Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss. It is regulated by the NYSDFS, the New York State Department of Financial Services. Gemini is the first exchange to introduce bitcoin futures contracts. It is also popular.

10. Paxful

Paxful is a people-powered platform to buy, sell and trade digital currencies. Enables both buyers and sellers to communicate through posting business offers. Users of Paxful can choose to make their purchases with PayPal, MoneyGram and a few other repayment methods. It has become a popular platform. Paxful is a people-powered platform to buy, sell and trade digital currencies.

In an age where anything is possible, 99% of the world’s population has failed the financial system. Our goal is to create a system not just for the 1%, but for the 100%.We are changing the way the world moves money.

Paxful was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in New York, with offices in Estonia, UK, Philippines, Dubai and St. Petersburg. Paxful has over 6 million users, a strong business model, and is fully bootstrapped.

11. Wall of Coins

11. Wall of Coins
Wall of Coins

Wall of Coin is a bitcoin exchange service. Wall of Coins is a completely transparent peer-to-peer market for buying and selling bitcoins. This platform is getting popular. This is the first time that there is both a secure live and fixed exchange for the users. Wall of Coins directly connects buyers and sellers in a way that is intelligent, reliable and secure. Although there are many such platforms in the world of internet.

Wall of Coins has opened its doors to Canada, Brazil, Germany, Latvia, Poland and Philippines in last December 2015. As of early 2016, the platform has provided other ways as well. Cash deposit to buyers.

Wall of Coins allows users to buy and sell the bitcoin cryptocurrency. And the process has been simplified. It is popular for many such reasons.

12. ChangeNow

ChangeNow is a cryptocurrency related platform. Many people are using this platform. ChangeNOW cryptocurrency exchange is a non-custodial and registration-free service. The ChangeNOW platform allows you to convert over 200 cryptocurrencies. Somewhere you don’t need it. ChangeNOW Most of the process is simple. ChangeNOW is a non-custodial instant crypto-to-crypto and fiat-to-crypto exchange.

With ChangeNOW you can trade over 200 coins fast, easy, registration-free and without any limits. Based in the overseas Seychelles, ChangeNOW is a highly secure and reliable platform. Reported by ChangeNOW. ChangeNow is rated as one of the best and easiest crypto exchanges to use. Account creation is not required to use its services.

In addition, it offers a fiat-to-crypto OnRamp option – you can buy cryptocurrencies with Visa or MasterCard through the integration of their third-party partners. The process of doing business in this is simple. Because of this people are liking this platform.

13. Abra

Abra is a company related to Crypto. Abra is a mobile-based crypto wallet and exchange that supports over twenty eight cryptocurrencies and over fifty fiat currencies. Abra is a financial services and technology company that operates a cryptocurrency wallet service, including a trading service for buying and selling cryptocurrencies,

a high yield service for earning interest on cryptocurrencies and stablecoins, and for borrowing against cryptocurrency collateral. One includes lending services. Abra was founded in 2014 by a serial entrepreneur and also known as Bill Barhide.

Its wallet is completely based on non-custodial wallet design. Due to many such reasons its process is simple. For this reason it is popular.

14. Bitstamp

14. Bitstamp

Bitstamp is considered a good platform for cryptocurrency exchange. This platform has become really popular too. For all your instant bitcoin purchases, the Bitstamp bitcoin exchange credit card is your best bet. Bitstamp is a cryptocurrency exchange based in Luxembourg. It allows trading between fiat currency, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. This means that the platform offers bank transfers and bank cards as its method of deposit.

It allows deposits and withdrawals of USD, EUR, GBP, Bitcoin, ALGO, XRP, Ether, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, XLM, LINK, OMG Network, USD Coin or PAX. In addition, its users can buy and sell a variety of cryptocurrencies. Users are not required to have a verified account before using this exchange. This is a simple process. It is popular because of many such works.

15. itBit

itBit is a simple platform related to cryptocurrency. itBit was founded in January 2013, and is a US-based cryptocurrency trading platform. Millions of people are doing business through this. This exchange only supports cryptocurrencies. itBit claims to be a universal network of institutional and individual traders.

itBit is the world’s first regulated digital asset platform, designed to be the most reliable, secure and efficient way for institutional investors to hold and trade crypto assets.

itBit provides fiat to crypto trading, escrow, custody and OTC solutions for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Stellar Lumens and others. In this way its functions have been simplified.

16. Gate.io

Gate.io is also known for Crypto Exchange.Gate.io was founded in January 2013. Working since then won the trust of the people. Gate.io is available in both Chinese and English. Gate.io is a platform that supports only cryptocurrencies. Gate.io is one of the global top 10 cryptocurrency exchanges with authentic trading volume.

The Gate.io platform provides secure and transparent transactions. In this way it has been told by Gate.io. Gate.io has a trading volume of over twenty eight million dollars. For this reason this platform is in the public eye.

17. Bit-Z

Bit-Z is a US-based cryptocurrency exchange. People are liking this platform. The Bit-Z platform is a large cryptocurrency exchange that offers a wide range of digital cryptocurrency assets for traders to trade. It has made all the tasks easy. The exchange is based out of Hong Kong. It is a platform that boasts of a high level of expertise, convenience and security. Bit-Z was founded in 2016.

The Bit-Z token supports both cryptocurrencies and stable coins. Since the launch of Bit-Z, the cryptocurrency exchange has made a name for itself as one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges for trading digital assets across the globe. It is also becoming increasingly prevalent around the world.

18. BitMex

BitMEX is a cryptocurrency exchange and derivatives trading platform. BitMEX was founded in 2014. BitMex is a high-volume US-based crypto exchange created by economists, web developers, and high-frequency traders. This is an exchange that is ideal for advanced traders. Maybe that’s why it’s being liked.

Its primary currency to be traded is bitcoin and its futures contracts. In addition, users can easily play with certain future contracts for trading such as Ethereum, Cardano, Ripple, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash.

BitMEX is owned and operated by HDR Global Trading Limited, which is registered in Seychelles and has offices around the world.

19. Bittrex

Everyone wants to find a good platform. Bittrex is one of the best US based crypto exchange. Bittrex is considered one of the largest exchanges in the world. It is based in Seattle and is a highly secure platform. A lot of crypto is exchanged here. For this reason it is also popular.

It has been free of any reported hacks, plus it offers fast withdrawals and deposits. Everything is made easy here. Its trading fee is 0.25 percent per trade on the Bittrex platform. Its coins are kept in cold storage, and you can use fiat funding. Many types of benefits are available in this way.

20. Poloniex

20. Poloniex
20. Poloniex

It is the best US based crypto exchange platform. In addition, it lists dozens of other digital currencies. It is registered with FinCEN, the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network. Due to this the Poloniex platform has become popular. Poloniex uses some of the lowest transaction fees at a percentage of 0.20.

If someone really wants to trade Poloniex. You cannot deposit for them with the help of fiat currency. The only deposit method it accepts is digital coins. What makes Poloniex popular in a number of ways.

Note– Cryptocurrency is extremely volatile. Investing and trading in cryptocurrencies can be risky. And it should be done with caution. This article must have been useful for you.

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